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March 28, 2023

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Shubhadip Das


Script to Screen Review

Script to Screen was any aspirant filmmaker's dream of a workshop. A 7-day workshop covering different aspects of filmmaking like documentary, scriptwriting, direction, production design, cinematography, post-production, and sound, mentored by industry-leading artists. It was really exciting. On 21st April, the different aspects of documentary filmmaking were covered by Indrani Chakraborty, a national award-winning filmmaker. It was exciting because her documentary Ladakh Chale Rickshawala was screened that day, which was a lot of fun. Us students really enjoyed picking her brains about the process she went through to make the documentary. Her insights really left us excited to make our own documentary films.

  • Script to Screen Day1 - Non-Fiction Filmmaking – Workshop
The next day, which was the 22nd of April, covered the aspects of Scriptwriting mentored by Subha Das Mollick, a documentary filmmaker. She showed us sequences of different films, breaking down each character and scene so that our understanding of how to write an effective screenplay would deepen. We also did a lot of exciting activities on scriptwriting.
  • Script to Screen Day2 - Pre-Production – Workshop
We had to wait for a weekend to pass for the third day of the workshop, which was held on the 26th of April. We were mentored by Debasish Sen Sharma, an independent filmmaker who taught us the nuances that we need to take care of when we are directing a film. He talked about the hard work, the dedication, and also the fun aspects of directing an independent film. We were all hyped to become independent filmmakers after this session.
  • Script to Screen Day3 - Production and Shooting – Workshop
On the 27th of April, we were mentored by Tanmoy Chakraborty, an industry-leading production designer who told his personal stories as a production designer. He talked about films being a collaborative effort of different technicians and artists and how to construct an effective mise-en-scene for a film. (iv) Script to Screen Day4 - Production Designing – Work The next day, we were taught by Indranil Mukherjee, a Filmfare-winning cinematographer. He made us understand the importance of every shot in a film. He gave us situations and asked us how we would use different kinds of shots to bring that sequence on screen. He really made us work our brains but we thoroughly enjoyed it. (v) Script to Screen Day5 - Cinematography – Workshop On the sixth day, Sankhajit Biswas, an award-winning director, and editor, screened his film Dui Dhuranir Golpo. This probably was my favorite session because the discussions had gone beyond the topic of editing and filmmaking to the issues that he presented to the world through the film. We discussed the LGBTQ+ issues shown in his film and also touched on how he had accomplished making such an impactful film. (vi) Script to Screen Day6 - Post-Production – Workshop It was the seventh day and alas, the last day had arrived. We didn’t want the workshop to end but as the saying goes, “All good things come to an end.” This too had to come to an end. We were mentored by Kinkini Deb, who taught us the technicalities of audio in filmmaking. Before this session, I had not expected much but surprisingly, I found myself interested in this aspect of filmmaking as well. There is so much more to audio in filmmaking than we know. Our mentor had given us deep insights into this topic. (vii) Script to Screen Day7 - Sound Designing – Workshop We had thoroughly enjoyed this workshop and had gotten immense knowledge of the vast field of filmmaking. I thank the mentors at our workshop for sharing their knowledge, and their experiences and answering all our questions. I am also grateful to mentors in the Department of Filmmaking and Television of iLEAD to arrange such an amazing workshop.

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