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The Indian Spirit of Entrepreneurship
₹ 1500

This colourful and attractive book takes readers on an adventure spree, starting right from the Indus Valley Civilisation. Besides being an exciting read, the book is hugely informative as well. It is an ingenious exploration of how a powerful nation of enterprising thinkers controlled the purse strings of the world and favoured the fortunes of many. The book is printed on imported Natural Evolution art paper. Hard-bound cover consisting of more than 100 pages.

Life Shapers
₹ 350

Teachers inspire us in life, shape our minds and personalities, and lead us to aspire for the best in life. This book puts together anecdotes as to how the ideal teachers identify as also bring out the best attributes lying dormant in students. I was so impressed with the quality of content and production of the book Lifeshapers that I ordered 20,000 copies to be distributed in my colleges. The book is a touching and inspiring tribute to our teachers, full of lovely stories and life lessons. Prof. (Col) A Balasubramanian President, Shri Balaji Society, Pune The book is printed on imported Natural Evolution art paper. Hard-bound cover consisting of more than 100 pages.

Love and Romance in Marriage
₹ 300

A Book to ensure a happy married life. In this modern day and age, when we are all pressed for time, we often tend to overlook the most important emotions in our life: love and caring. This book takes an invaluable look at how we can keep love and romance flourishing in our marital lives and what are the areas we need to concentrate on to keep our relationships alive. I was busy drafting a writ petition in my mind (I am a lawyer!) regarding a matrimonial dispute, and was pleasantly interrupted by the arrival of this book. The thought that someone could send a book like this, to spread whatever joy or goodwill, for no reason, made me read the entire book immediately. If some of my clients had received and read this book, AND followed its contents, probably there would be less disputes in the courts today. Full Colour, 84 pages.

How to Choose your Career
₹ 99

This generation of students is spoilt for choice and is often at a dilemma to decide what to take up as their preferred choice in career. This book dispels misconceptions and helps students select their correct stream of studies. 152 pages; PERVIN MALHOTRA – India’s top career counsellor launches the book at iLEAD.

₹ 1500

A rare book on the Sheherwali community together with some mouth-tingling recipes This glossy coffee table book interestingly puts together the customs and traditions of the Sheherwali community, specially their unique culinary skills. Beautiful coloured pictures accompany the recipes of one of the most varied, rich and elaborate vegetarian spreads one can find today. The book is printed on imported Natural Evolution art paper. Hard-bound cover consisting of more than 100 pages.

Rajesh Khanna
₹ 350

Rajesh Khanna captured the imagination of an entire generation and more with his charisma, his superstar appeal and the enigma that enveloped his persona. His name sent multitudes into raptures and he was definitely India’s first and original superstar. This glossy all-colour coffee table book traces the life and times of the legend together with memorable pictures and immortal lyrics from his movies. A must have! 92 Pages, Hard Cover, Full Colour.

Creative Meditation
₹ 300

Our daily lives are fraught with obstacles we find hard to overcome. We often let the negative elements take over our better instincts. This book attempts at explaining how we can use our natural creative imagination in an increasingly conscious way and the prudent use of creative meditation to tap into the natural goodness of life. 96 Pages, Full Colour.

New Born
₹ 350

The arrival of a baby in the family ushers in mirth and merriment, hope and happiness. A baby renews our vigour in life and reinstates our faith in the future. This is a feel-good book, replete with wonderful baby pictures, telling us how it changes our life to have a baby in the family. A must read! 96 Pages, Hard Cover, Full Colour.

Aura of Light
₹ 300

A book to discover our inner soul and spirituality This is a book which explores the inner spirituality of our soul. Our country has a rich spiritual heritage which is not known in detail to many. This book tries to imbibe in us the beauty of the Gita and the Upanishads which are ancient, eternal and ageless. 372 Pages.

Simple tools for Health & Energy

Skin Care Made Easy
₹ 100

We all have this innate desire in us to look healthy and beautiful, with a lovely skin and an attractive body. This book is a guide for good and healthy living and a skin care which is very vital for a good life. 104 Pages, Full Colour.

Simple Tools for Winning Responses
₹ 100

Book on how to handle criticism, anger and manipulations. We humans are always subject to emotions and tend to react quickly to every little change around us, without much thinking. We need to deliberate and then react. Only then can we control ourselves. This book tells us how we need to monitor our reactions and responses. 80 Pages.

Simple Tools for Great Speeches
₹ 100

Book with practical advice on how to become a great public speaker We all have great speakers within ourselves. Some of us realize it, and some don’t. This book helps us to discover this hidden speaker within ourselves so that we can perfect our speeches and spread our enthusiasm to the audience. 80 Pages.

Simple Tools for Time Management
₹ 100

A Time Manager’s Bible: Must Read for all students, professionals and businessmen. Time is the most precious commodity that we possess, and we should be prudent about how we manage our time. Time spent cannot be regained, as money spent can be. This book advises us as to how we can best manage our time and put it to best use. 182 Pages, Full Colour.

Simple tools for Soft Skills
₹ 100

Handbook for Soft Skill students as well as teachers We possibly devote most of our formative years to acquiring educational and formal skills. But once we feel adequately equipped with all this we realize we are not able to handle certain basic issues in life like social skills or come to terms with ourselves or fail at interpersonal exchanges. This book helps us to get on in life in more ways than one and see ourselves as successful individuals. 96 Pages, Full Colour.

Simple Tools for Complex Living
₹ 100

Life is often a complex deal, but we have to survive it in different ways. This book guides us with simple ways of tackling difficult obstacles to make life an experience worth living. 104 Pages.

Salaam India
₹ 100

It is our innate tendency to celebrate the famous and what they do. But there are many unknown people out there who achieve the unthinkable and yet remain out of the public eye. This book pays tribute to this unknown brigade of achievers. 92 Pages, Full Colour.

Business Wisdom Through the Ages
₹ 100

This book is invaluable in its advice about how to strike the right balance in your professional lives through leadership, time management, sales and marketing, R&D and, of course, entrepreneurship. The book is full of interesting quotes by leaders together with anecdotes which help us to think and surge ahead with the right priorities. 136 Pages, Full.

Apartment ownership to Real Estate Investing
₹ 100

Investing in Real Estate is today’s most valuable form of investment with the best returns possible. This book guides us to look for the right apartment and the formalities involved in such a venture. 96 Pages, Full Colour.

Resurgence Murshidabad
₹ 50

This is a delightful book which spans the district of Murshidabad in all its splendor and beauty. The book talks about the history of the place, together with its handlooms and weaves, the art and craft, and of course, the Sheherwali cuisine of Murshidabad district, the cuisine of the Royals. 80 Pages, Full.

Be Money Smart: Plan for Complete Financial Security
₹ 100

Earning money is not the only criterion for a secure life; it is also important to invest it well. This book is an eye opener on the common mistakes we are liable to commit while on the investment track over borrowing, credit card purchases, not planning for college education of children and not making provisions for retirement, among others. A very useful book that would act as a financial guide all our life. 35 Pages, Full Colour.

Let us gift ourselves a new way of life
₹ 100

Even though the success of business depends upon the financial viability of a project, there is more to it than just that. This book talks about how respect for a company can be earned by its passion to serve its customer, as also society in general. It is a book which reminds us that altruism should be the ultimate goal of our life. 88 Pages, Full Colour.

₹ 100

This book is a compilation of the best inspirational stories from around the world, tales that tell us how despite debacles in life one can surge forward with a positive spirit. This is a book that makes one sit up and take notice of all the bright things around us. A feel-good book that is a must read! 64 Pages, Full Colour.

Your Guide to Prevent & Fight Fire: In Housing Complexes

Plastics in Aid of Environment
₹ 25

Environmental hazard is a source of serious concern today. But the use of plastics has been found to reduce greenhouse emissions. This book tells us how plastics prevent the greenhouse gases from escaping, thereby preserving the earth’s greenhouse effect. 28 Pages.

How Green is Your Housing Complex
₹ 25

Environmental issues in housing complexes The awareness for environment-friendly homes is on the rise. Not only do we want green architecture, but we also realize the importance of recycling water and harnessing sunlight. This book gives us valuable information on how to make our homes eco-friendly and such important tips like how green architecture cuts construction costs by about 25 per cent! 24 Pages.

How Safe is Your Home
₹ 25

Home Security Manual for Home Owners and Builders. It is not enough to merely buy a home and beautify it; it is also important to make a home safe and secure. A home has to be kept out of reach by burglars and hence precautions need to be taken for that. This book is a well-researched guide to make our homes secure and our children well-protected. A must read! 32 Pages.

Home Ownership Made Easy
₹ 100

Buying homes is an assured form of investment in our country. This is a user-friendly book which gives a detailed idea about all the steps involved in buying a property. That includes choosing what to buy, an apartment or a house, how to finance it, how to take a mortgage insurance, and the differences between freehold and leasehold. A valuable book for all investors and home buyers! 84 Pages, Full Colour.

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