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What Are The Best Things in iLEAD?

Today, the opportunity to learn is immense. Be it online text or recorded lectures, learners have access to study materials as never before. However, both educators and learners have felt that learning by doing is the best way to acquire necessary skills and knowledge in order to make the students industry ready and employable. Just like swimming, relying alone on theoretical knowledge will not produce much success. After all, an individuals subconscious gets a feel for things most quickly by doing. At iLEAD, learning happens not only inside the classroom but also outside the classroom.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is to make students learn through every activity happening in the college campus. A host of films, books and magazines on Indias past & present and studies conducted on several business possibilities are few such examples.
Our corporate assignments not only help our students to earn while they learn but also help them to do internship without leaving the college premises. This concept is now becoming a very popular learning methodology globally, particularly in Germany. However, our students not only learn but take up the role of co-creators of learning materials even while completing corporate assignments.

Begin the Endeavour!

From recording of classroom lectures to taking students on field trips, teaching via PPTs and study materials which can be accessed by students through their mobile apps and other devices, we create a study environment like none other.
Our endeavour is to use as many function of college admin as possible through ERP, accessible through mobile apps. This exposes students to the latest management processes & technology. Use of online learning material to provide the best learning experience along with SKYPE session and offline classroom teaching is another way to provide global education at local cost.

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