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About Industry Oriented Training

Industry Oriented Training is designed to provide a variety of skills and knowledge in Microsoft Excel, Word and PowerPoint. It also focuses on developing LinkedIn Profiles and Student Resumes. IOT helps students in grasping basic, intermediate and advanced levels of Microsoft Excel, Word and PowerPoint, creating Dynamic Data Visualization Dashboards and mastering Corporate Presentation with the help of expert guidance.

Course Structure

Level – Advanced

Module 1: Building strong concepts and breaking myths

  • Introduction to MS Excel
  • 360 views of MS Excel
  • Table and Its Utility
  • Shortcuts used in day-to-day life

Module 2: Introduction of Intermediate and Advanced Excel with Storytelling

  • Mathematical Functions
  • Text Functions
  • Date and Time Functions
  • Trigonometric Functions
  • Lookup & Logical Functions
  • Financial Functions

Module 3: Data Visualization – Learn different kinds of charts to represent your data

  • Introduction to Charts, Uses and Advantages
  • Basic Charts – Column, Pie, Bar, Line and Area
  • Advance Charts – TreeMap, Sunburst, Doughnut, Butterfly

Module 4: Welcome to the World of Dashboard – Learn Dynamic Interactive Dashboard

  • Introduction to Dashboard – Meaning, Uses and Advantage
  • What is a Pivot Table, Uses & Advantages?
  • Difference between Normal Tables and Pivot Table
  • Things to keep in mind while making Pivot Table
  • Introduction to Slicer’s and KPI (Key Performance Indicator)
  • Connection of Reports and Charts with Slicers
  • Creation of Customize Dynamic Dashboard

Module 5: Basics of MS Word and PowerPoint

  • Introduction of MS Word and PowerPoint
  • 360 View of the Software

Course Fees: Rs 4,999

Duration: 6 weeks

Level - Pro

Module 1: Advance MS Word and PowerPoint Tricks

  • Advance Tips and Tricks

Module 2: Resume Building

  • What is the difference between a Resume and a CV?
  • How to create a Video Resume
  • How to select the right Resume template and formatting
  • How to make your Resume ATS Compliant
  • Keywords gameplay in Resume
  • How to build a targetted resume for each job

Module 3: Live Corporate Presentation

  • Tips for Presentation
  • Live Presentation in front of Industry Experts

Course Fees: Rs 6,999

Duration: 8 weeks

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