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About the Course

The Python Fundamentals for Beginners course gives a strong foundation in a number of Python principles. Programming fundamentals including variables, looping statements, decision-making statements, algorithmic techniques, object-oriented programming ideas, and functions. Students will also become familiar with Jupyter Notebook, Python-specific variables, and basic Python issues.

Learning Objective:

  • Have an understanding of the basic principles of Python
  • The skill to meaningfully develop a program
  • Basic Python Syntax
  • Basic Python Libraries
  • Basic Python Functions
  • Work with Datatypes
  • Convert Datatypes

Expected Learning Outcomes –

  • To know the concept of functions in Python
  • Be capable of using basic functions like “if” and different types of loops
  • Be able to convert datatypes
  • To know how to work with lists
  • To know the difference between running Python programs on Mac and Windows
  • Be able to work with CSV files
  • Be able to use tuples and data dictionaries
  • Be able to sort lists -Be able to edit records and load them from CSV files


Passed 10th Board Examination.

Course Structure

Level – Beginners
  • Importance and Applications of Programming Languages Introduction to Jupyter Notebook
  • Variables and Data-types in Python
  • Operators in Python
  • Tokens in Python
  • Decision Making Statements
  • Looping Statements (Using For and While)
  • Sequence Data type in Python (String, List, Tuple), and Built in Functions
  • Dictionary in Python
  • Functions in Programming

Course Fees: Rs 10,999

Duration: 24hrs

Class Timing: Weekends

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