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Past Student

Yuvraj Bagchi

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BMS - 2019-2022

Creative Visualizer at Schabang

Syed Askari Abbas

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B.Sc in Animation - 2018-2021

Graphic Designer at PwC

Priya Mishra

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BBA - 2019-2022

HR at PS Group

Nitesh Mundhra

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B.Sc in Animation - 2018-2021

Associate Creative Designer at Refyne India

Bikash Kr. Jha

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BMS - 2019-2022

Videographer at Zee Media Pvt. Ltd.

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Sk Asif Alam - BBA

Hello everyone, this is Sk Asif Alam of BBA Batch 2019-2022. We had a very nice time in iLEAD. I have made lots of memories and I had spent wonderful time with friends and of course with the teachers at iLEAD. We were blessed to have teachers who were strict but at the same time very friendly too. I am very lucky to be an iLEADER.

Simran Gupta - BBA

In this 3 year, iLEAD has become a second home to me. I am too much attached to everything and everyone out here. So, I will definitely miss this college. We were the first batch who experienced the online mode of classes. Adapting to totally new normal is always difficult for everyone. Though ilead had provided us every class very nicely and smoothly. Every teacher was teaching effectively without missing any topic. Every doubt was being cleared by mentors. I had never thought that online classes can also be so interactive as well as informative. When it comes to rating it, I would like to give 4.5 out of 5, because I was missing my class. Overall, I was very much satisfied with the online classes. The thing I will miss most about this college are the events. Participating in every event brings so much excitement. I always learn new things from all events and seminars. And the appreciation I get after winning in anything is priceless. Talking about mentors and mentee relationship

Manisha Saxena - BBA

I Started my journey in iLEAD in August 2019. My time in college has enriched my life in many ways. Those public speaking classes helped me a lot to overcome stage fear. It has provided me with the necessary tools to enhance my skills more, taught me valuable knowledge about this diverse world and people and concepts in general and eventually will enable me to hopefully become more successful in life. All these aspects of college have also made me more well-rounded as a person. It has been easier for me to achieve these opportunities. These experiences are truly irreplaceable. One of the best things about college life was that I got a new experience every day. In my college life, along with studying, I and my friends enjoyed a lot of other things. We had new experiences, and learned many new things. Our college canteen was a remarkable place in my college life as whenever we got time, we used to chill in the canteen. I had the best time of my life in college and my college life memorie

Ritwik Mitra - BBA

Hello, I am Ritwik Mitra of Batch BBA 2018-2021. Currently I am into my father’s Export and Import business and I have also started an Event Management Company in the name of ORIZO with my partner Ankana Ghosh who is also from my batch. iLEAD has given me the best friend circle, the bestest mentors and an amazing education ambience. I miss those addas in second campus, our football tournaments, our friendly game sessions in pool room etc. The fests, the dj nights, I miss all of iLEAD. iLEAD is a home to us, we have learned a lot from our mentors as well as our chairman Mr.Pradip Chopra. iLEAD exposes us to how the corporate environment looks like and this has been very beneficial and instrumental in shaping our life. Lastly I would say we all need to work with passion and hardwork then only we will achieve our dream and this is what I have learned from iLEAD.

Sweety Anchalia - BBA

iLEAD was my first choice for BBA. Fortunately, the decision proved to be right for me. iLEAD has the right amount of balance between professionalism and exploration. Special mention to Mr. Aniruddha Kundu, who backed my potential and made me the CR in the 3rd year of my course which resulted in my growth towards public interaction, involvement in activities. I thank Anindita Ma’am our HR faculty as well because my interest in this specialization area has been inculcated by her and all of this made it easier for me to understand the HR Domain well and today I have opted for this specialization in my higher studies. My life at iLEAD was fully worth it. Right amount of dedication plus guidance from some brilliant faculty members enhanced my career.

Nitesh Mundhra - B.Sc in Graphic Design, Multimedia and Animation

It was a great experience studying at iLEAD, a memory to cherish for lifetime. I studied B.Sc in Graphic Design, Multimedia and Animation. Being a student who could not hear or speak, iLead was a life changing experience. As time passed, everyone in the College helped me wherever required and the 3-years became unforgettable. They communicated with me in Sign Language as well. In the 2nd & 3rd year, I took leadership positions in the Social Media Club. My experience at iLEAD was full of learning and grooming. It gave me an opportunity to meet different kind of people and learn a lot from them. I am thankful to all the faculties & mentors for providing us with quality education. The rigorous academics along with extra-curricular activities including Sports, Dance, Mime made it a holistic experience.

Akash Mishra - BBA

I had the opportunity to spend 3 Years of my graduation days in iLEAD. ilead has been able to bring in both academic and overall development in my personality. My journey in iLEAD was a learning experience. I was fortunate to be a part of student council 2019-20 as the Assistant Head of Student Affairs Council. This experience has made me realise the importance of leadership roles in life. Also I have made friends that I will cherish forever. The mentors, especially Anindita Ma’am, have been successful in engraving in us the sense of responsibility, curiosity and the fire to go beyond our capacity. The seeds of where I am today have been planted there and I am grateful for that. With state of the art facilities and the best teachers, the future of the students is in great hands and they are on the right path to becoming successful leaders in whichever field they go. The journey has been filled with Ups and downs but with the right set of people to support, this place has always

Pawan Gupta - BBA

My experience at Ilead was great and memorable. The mentors help us to enhance my academic and interpersonal skills. It was a great experience with full of learning and grooming, a memory to cherish for lifetime. Huge respect, love and devotion for entire faculty, members and Management department.

Piyush Ruia - B.Sc in Graphic Design, Multimedia and Animation

I’m Piyush Ruia was student of iLead 2018-21 pursuing B.Sc in Animation, Multimedia and Graphic Design. iLEAD had given me opportunity to learn and develop my skills in Designing, 3d modelling and Animation. iLEAD has helped me not only to develop my academics but also in my overall personality and extra co curricular activities. iLEAD has given me opportunity to be assistant head of corporate club where I learnt how to interact with different corporates and be industry ready. iLEAD had given me opportunity to get job in PwC and iLEAD’s placement cell had helped me throughout my process and helped me to get through the interview process and crack a big company like PwC. I would like to Thank my faculties to get my skills developed and placement cell to help me prepare for industry.

Mobashir Hussain - BBA

Hello I am Mobashir Hussain, from the BBA batch 2018-2021. My journey in iLEAD has been very valuable to me. There have been several instances and experiences which have nurtured various skills of mine be it technical or practical. I also received various opportunities during this course which has enhanced my career. During my journey in ILEAD, I made wonderful friends and many happy memories to recall which brings a smile each time. The most amazing part was being vested as the Vice-President-elect of the core committee. This responsibility helped me to dive deeper into the practical side of management. In conclusion, I’m proud to have been a part of the ILEAD Family and wish all the best to everybody for years to come.

Ayushi Jaiswal - BBA

Hello everyone, this is Ayushi Jaiswal of BBA Batch 2017-2020. After BBA I have started my own online baking business from home named Justbakeology. My journey in ilead has been amazing and memorable one. I got amazing faculty members who supported me throughout. According to me the best part of ilead is the relationship between teachers and student. Here teachers are strict but very friendly. I was lucky to get their guidance. So Thanks to them.

Jeet Thakkar - BBA

I almost spent 1000 amazing days in iLEAD thus having lot to say about it. Finally got an opportunity to give-back to my ultimate ‘Alma-Mater’. My salient take away from this institute is the ‘Culture’ and ‘values’ which I still cherish and make sure I implement in the relevant places. Academics was a primary focus but the personality development which I possessed was an Eye-Opening for myself. iLEAD is known for transforming students to a better one and I am undoubtedly one of them. I remember Public speaking was made habitual to us and extra-curricular activities was also made sure that students apply, enjoy and learn! Managedia, an unforgettable week, is that ultimate event that every stakeholder of iLEAD awaits for. It has sense of responsibility, dream of winning and a zest of competition amongst other top colleges in the fraternity. Concludingly, I thank to all the arms of iLEAD, be it Board members, Professors, Mentors, Floor staffs and all the individuals who has some role

Shubham Jaiswal - BBA

iLEAD provides a stage to showcase your point of view and the best part is every new idea is welcomed and you get to experiment with proper guidance from great as well as supportive mentors. It helped me to become great at multi-tasking from managing my studies, playing basketball ball for the college, representing college in many inter-college competition and being able to win in many of these events.Even during the pandemic it was our final semester ILEAD was ready and we had regular online classes, assignments, presentations and even mock interviews session, SUIT UP was been arranged by student Affairs club. ILEAD provides a holistic environment that every college student needs. Special mention – Our college canteen is also great.

Udayan Mitra - M.Sc Media Science

The internships are one of the biggest highlights of my course here at iLEAD. I never had any kind of proper corporate or any kind of working experience before so the internships were challenging and I absolutely enjoyed them thoroughly. And coming to iLEAD and working here, I actually got the calling of my life.

Survi Agarwal - M.Sc Media Science

This college has taught me how to do multi-task like manage your studies, be a part of the core council, attend so many fests, manage your entire college and do so many things along with being in internship and I have done pretty good I believe. The college has supported me throughout everything. It’s been a wonderful journey.

Barsha Roy - M.Sc Media Science

It has been amazing journey in iLEAD. When I graduated from college I never really thought my masters years will be that good. I am taking back so much with me. I have got the best set of mentors, best set of friends and I will always remember these two years and how it has contributed in my entire journey. It will actually help me to go forward with my career options and career choices.

Aisha Sheikh - B.Sc & M.Sc Media Science

I have done my B.Sc and M.Sc from iLEAD and it’s been a great journey throughout. Pradip Sir and Pragya Mam have been my backbone throughout this journey.

Saptarshi Banerjee - B.Sc. Media Science

It has been an amazing adventure for me in these 3 years at iLEAD.

Rohit Chokhani - BBA

Once you enter iLEAD as a student, this is a student’s college. You get a lot of experience, a lot of events to learn from, a lot of events to participate in. So if you are looking to spend your 3 years of college life doing innovative stuffs and full of excitement,you should definitely come to iLEAD.

Aman Jain - BBA

If you are aspiring to become good entrepreneurs, want to develop your personality, I guess iLEAD is one of the best places to be because it can shape your mind rather than focusing only on the academics.

Amrita Mundhra - BBA

The mentors here are very supportive. There are a lot of events that takes place in iLEAD, which are very good and helps people to become active and showcase their talent.

Rishav Jain - BBA

We don’t grow when things are easy, we grow when we face challenges. – The rigorous curriculum of ILEAD in many ways prepared me to sustain the worst and outshine the best. Building on this I would like to highlight that currently if I am able to handle multiple tasks on my plate, I think it is because of the seeds that got planted in those golden years of college. When I hark back to my journey here, I think skills like Strategic Planning, Optimism, Coaching, Managing Self and Time got developed at grass root level that certainly played a vital role in making me the person, I am today. Life in ILEAD was nothing less than a roller coaster ride, full of ups and downs one can imagine. It has provided me with some great opportunities which helped me improve myself in every aspect as a student, as a senior, as a friend, as a sportsperson, and most importantly as a LEADER.

Jaya Bhatra - B.Sc. Media Science

I think iLEAD is beautiful inside out.It’s a feeling that can’t be expressed in words

Dharna Gulati - BBA

Talking about opportunities, I don’t think if I had been in any other college, I wouldn’t have got so many opportunities that I got in iLEAD. Also, I don’t think in any other college students and mentors are so close as in iLEAD.

Yogesh Dhariwal - M.Sc Media Science

Coming to iLEAD, I got to experiment with a lot of things. Good thing about iLEAD is that the teachers over here allow you to try new things.

Neelanjana Bhattacharya - B.Sc. Media Science

What I am going to miss about iLEAD is the friends and everybody who we have got here.

Namrata Sah - B.Sc. Media Science

iLEAD being having the very best infrastructure for any student to study specially for media studies with the best faculty and best studio ever in Calcutta.

Trini Halder - B.Sc. Media Science

iLEAD is somewhere you will enjoy yourself a lot. So enjoy yourself and do come to classes. If you think coming to classes is boring, it’s not. The more you spend time with people in college, the more you understand how much fun it is here.

Aman Rahim - B.Sc. Media Science

iLEAD is a very homely place. It was a beautiful experience. Learning a lot here, making mistakes and developing.

Anupama Jha - B.Sc. Media Science

It has been an incredible journey. And today when I got placed in a big MNC, I am thankful to iLEAD. Because of iLEAD today I got a placement offer.

Jaweria Ahsan - BBA

There are many reputed colleges in Kolkata that provide quality education and personal development – you will find that here as well. But the thing that is special about iLEAD is that everyone can find a place here. Whether you’re into sports, cultural arts, academics, all of the above, or just confused – you will receive catered attention from people who don’t just teach but also facilitate your learning by engaging and motivating you. Professors here don’t just have impressive qualifications on paper but are passionate about what they do – they are invested in your growth and success so you can rely on them. Another aspect I appreciate is how your interactions with professors, admin staff, and top management, will never be constricted by the high power-distance dynamic present in most institutions- at iLEAD, you are heard and respected. Everyday. The placement cell is efficient and provides you lots of opportunities to interview with not only MNCs but also start-ups if that

Siddhi Mehrotra - BBA

It’s been a roller coaster ride with its own ups and down. Starting from orientation when I first came here, I didn’t think I am going to fit in so well.

Anushka Upasak - BBA

It seems it was just yesterday I entered in this college. But I met lots and lots of happy souls here.

Mitul Sheth - BBA

Talking about iLEAD gives me actually an emotional feel because I have been a part of this lovely institute for 3 years and the journey has been a roller coaster one.

Anisha Das - B.Sc. Media Science

If I have to talk about the practical exposure that iLEAD has given me, I have done quite a few things in iLEAD. In 1st semester I was there in one of the video production that an ex-student of iLEAD was making. The name of the film is Awaz and it went on to win the Cine Shots Award. I wanted to do a lot of things so I did internships on Event Management, Social Media Marketing, Documentary and Event Shooting……….So yes, iLEAD has given me a lot of opportunities.

Aditya Paul - B.Sc Media Science 2013 -16

My Experience in iLEAD was fruitful.The learning experience was great under the guidance of industry seasoned faculty.iLEAD not only educates but also nurtures the talents which is hidden in students.Currently I have been placed as a reporter in Newsmorcha Bangalore.

Yash Kariwal - B.Sc Media Science 2013 -16

We had a very nice time in iLEAD. I have lots of memories and I had spent wonderful time with friends and of course with the teachers at iLEAD.

Kartikey Tripathi - M.Sc Media Science 2014 -16

Excellent institute in terms of its industry centric pedagogy which develops leadership and entrepreneurship skills…

Nekita Baid - BBA 2013 -16

iLEAD is a great institute which teaches basics of Business Management and going beyond just administration of organization to self exploration…

Maaz Azam - B.Sc Media Science 2013 - 16

The importance of bonding between a mentor and a student was something I learnt at iLEAD. One thing that I have learnt after entering the industry is that culture and managing people is vital in every organisation and industry. From scripting to presenting, I learnt everything at iLEAD itself. The struggles and hardwork after stepping out into the real world became more seamless because of that…

Sarfaraz Khan - MBA 2013 - 15

I miss my Soft skill classes…just after three weeks of the first class I got the Best Speaker Award…I was pursuing my MBA at iLEAD and in the third semeseter itself I got recruited in the reputed NK Realtors. I shifted to India Bulls and now I am working with Realty Corpus…the Real Estate course at iLEAD played a very vital part in my life…

Diyashi Sharma - BMS

My journey at iLEAD was nothing less than a roller coaster ride, coming from a sub-urban place, it was hard initially to cope up with fast paced life here. But ilead gave me the confidence to face every hurdles. This place is nothing less than my second home, made friends for life, got the chance meet some amazing faculties who taught not only about things written in text books and syllabus but gave lessons about life and courage to face the world. Also learning everything from the scratch and helped in making me what I am today.

Manshi Shah - Media Science

I have spent some lovely years of my student life in iLEAD. I will cherish it forever She is currently working as a Sub-editor at Telegraph , ABP Pvt Ltd.

Juhi Baid - Management Studies

iLEAD journey is one of the most memorable phase of my life. Best part of iLEAD is its Faculty. Besides being excellent mentors, they are like family members and friends. I am Thankful to Pradip Sir for taking all possible positive initiatives for value addition and betterment of iLEADERS. Proud to be an iLEADER . Juhi Baid is currently,working as an audit consultant at PWC Pvt Ltd

Chitragreeb Bhattacharya - Management Studies

iLEAD has been a positive contributor in making me what I am today. He is currently working as sales executive at Bengal Beverages Pvt Ltd.

Shagun Shah - Media Science

iLEAD has been like a stepping stone in my life apart from the education that I attained. The institute gave me new opportunities to explore and taught me how to stand out. She is pursuing Post Graduation in Animation from Shristi Institute of Art and Design, Bangalore

Samriddha Ganguly - B.Sc Media Science 2012 -15

Practical and enjoyable mode of education which makes learning really an exciting activity in the institute…

Aditya Dalmia - M.Sc Media Science 2013 - 15

iLEAD was my 2nd home. I have learned and worked in many different projects, which help me to improve myself

Aditi Poddar - M.Sc Media Science 2013 - 15

iLED has been a life changing experience for me. I had the best days in my life at iLEAD…

Neha Mishra - MBA 2013 - 15

I love this college. iLEAD has changed my life. I have learned a lot and currently I’m working as a social media marketer and content writer…

Montek Singh - BBA 2012 - 15

Presently I’m working with Akash Institute as academics coordinator and I got this opportunity through the placement of iLEAD…

Shilajit Dey - Media Science

My learning experience at iLEAD will always be treasured. He is a film maker who won national and international awards for his ads. He had made several audio visuals for satellite tv channels, saregama, hindustan records, mtv, ndtv , mon, rupashi bangla, etc. He is currently working on a full length feature film named RANOJOY which is set to release in 2017

Vivek Bagda - Management Studies

iLEAD is a college with a tight knit community feel coupled with strong academics. My experience at iLEAD has been one I will treasure for the rest of my life. The bond with the teachers as well as my fellow classmates is very special and deep rooted. He is currently working at Siddha Group in the Technical & Commercial Dept.

Farzana Alvi - BBA 2011 - 14

I have spent wonderful time at iLEAD. iLEAD is a smart learning center, which I like most. The best part of the iLEAD is games room…

Nikita Hamirwasia - Media Science

iLEAD is an institution where I have discovered the best in me and it has developed me achieve my dreams. It helped me to identify the entrepreneurial zeal within me and evolved a huge development in terms of confidence as well as my perspective towards life. The commitment from iLEAD will always be constant and I can proudly say iLEAD was the best decision I took. Nikita Hamirwasia is heading the online & digital marketing of a men’s Ethnic wear based in Kolkata.

Priyanka Talukdar - Media Science (SOS Ideas as senior copywriter)

My days at iLEAD are filled with fond memories of out of the world learning experience, comprehensive guidance by amazing mentors and fun moments spent with classmates. Two years of unadulterated joy and unmitigated knowledge.

Suman De - Media Science

iLEAD is a nice place to enjoy life along with studies. It gives nice opportunity to work on interesting areas. I learnt many things here which are helping me in corporate world. He is currently working at My Smart Price as a technology Blogger.

Benjamin Kuo - Management Studies

My experience at iLEAD has always been special. I think to all of us, iLEAD has been a home. I know a lot of people are going to say this, but I honestly say that because we are very closely connected with the faculty, the teachers and the chairman, himself. Today, I am also doing Indo-China training business and a lot of credit goes to iLEAD. I am very happy and grateful that I have chosen this institute. We were the first batch and I felt like they gave us most at that time. I just want to say, Thank you Pradip Sir, and thank you everyone from iLEAD and good luck for the future.

Purvi Modi - MBA 2010 - 12

My journey in iLEAD will never end. After my MBA I was working in a company and now I have started my own firm MERAPPT.COM

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Alumni Awards 2023

iLEAD celebrated its 13th Annual Day on November 25th, 2023 with an extravagant celebration dedicated to honoring the indomitable spirit of entrepreneurs. The highlight of the event was the grand launch of the Draupnir Capital Incubation Centre at the iLEAD campus.

iLEAD took the opportunity to recognize the success and achievements of alumni with professional excellence.

iLEAD also recognized its successful alumni that include Vatsala Jhunjhunwala (Amazon), Zeeshan Shireen (PwC), Syed Askari Abbas (PwC), Pasupureddy Shivani (Times Group), Tannishtha Mazumder (TV9), Shikha Shah (GS Marketing Associates). Alumni who received recognition for their entrepreneurship ventures are Arsalan Aiyub (The Leather & Goods Co.), Arijit Paul (A P Enterprises), Sanjeev Roy (The Lions Crown), Punit Agarwal (Evocate Productions), Meha Shah (Golu Cakes), Aastha Agarwal (Panda Crafts), Nayanika Saha (Saday) and more. The celebrated freelancers among the alumni who received the award are Anam Hussain, Madhumita Singh, Rohan Se
n and more.

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Alumni Meet 2019

Alumni of an institution represent its past glory and future success. Every year iLEAD celebrates a day with its alumni and reminiscence the memories of the same.

The alumni meet of 2019 was organized by iLEAD on January 5th at Baganbari, Baruipur. The event started with musical performances by Biplav Singh and team. iLEAD Chairman, Mr. Pradip Chopra, gave a short speech on why alumni are an important part of college.

The autumn edition of the alumni e-magazine was launched. Various games were also played among the present students and the alumni, including cricket and badminton. The alumni team won both the games of cricket and badminton.

After lunch, a cultural performance took place followed by an award ceremony.

In the award ceremony, Mr Alumnus was won by Sarfaraz Khan from MBA batch of 2013-2015. Miss Alumnus was won by Namrata Shah from BMS batch of 2015-2018. Award for Best Recognition in Academics was given to Siddhi Mehrotra from BBA batch of 2015-2018.

The event ended with the DJ heating up the floor for the students and the alumni.

The day ended with a Flash Mob performed both by the Alumni club and students Council.

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Alumni Meet 2018

LEAD celebrated its Alumni Meet 2018 on 14th January at iLEAD Sports Complex. The theme of the event was ‘Rewind and Play’ and based on the same was the dress code- ‘Shades of Black’. The day started with the speech of iLEAD chairman Mr. Pradip Chopra who spoke to the Alumni of all the batches regarding career and life and also the newly launched iLEAD TV. It was further followed by breakfast and the student council performance. After a scrumptious breakfast, games like Cricket and Musical Chairs and a delicious lunch there was a dance and drama performance by members of the Alumni Club.

The award for Mr. Alumnus and Ms. Alumnus was presented to Jatin Agarwal of BBA 2013 and Shukla Sharma of MBA 2013 batch. The best dressed Male Award was presented to Chandan Sahoo of BBA 2013 batch. Shagufta Rahaman of M.Sc. 2015 won two awards for – The Best Dressed Female award and the Special recognition in Academics.

The day ended with a Flash Mob performed both by the Alumni club and students Council.

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Alumni Meet 2017

We had fun. We had joy. We had seasons in the Sun.

On January 22, 2017, iLEAD along with the alumni team of iLEAD organized for its Alumni Meet 2017 at Baruipur Baganbari. Alumnus from the batches 2010 to 2014, all were overjoyed to meet their fellow mates and faculties. The day had many events storied in for their fun and enjoyment.

The day started with the welcome address by Mr. Pradip chopra, Chairman iLEAD which was followed with some delicious breakfast and Launch of the autumn edition of Alumni Magazine “Reminiscence-a year that was”, which was a first ever initiative. There was a series of awards that was lined up for our fellow alumnus like Mr. Alumnus 2017 which was awarded to Chandan Sahoo (Batch BBA, 2013), Ms. Alumnus was awarded to Ms. Mansi shah (Batch BMS, 2013), Best Dressed Male – Mr. Arsalan Aiyub (Batch MSC, 2014) Best dressed Female – Ms. Adiba Kadir (Batch MSC, 2014). Special award was given away to Mr. Karthikey Tripathi (Batch MSC 2014) for “Excellence in academics”.

As a part of entertainment programme, games like Badminton, Break the pot and Antakshari were organized for the alumnus and prizes were distributed. There were some delicious lunch and evening snacks arranged for our alumnus. The Alumnus enjoyed every moment they spent there. After spending a day full of fun and frolic the alumnus, they left the place with a hope and enthusiasm of meeting again on the next Alumni Meet.

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Alumni Meet 2016

The much awaited alumni meet 2016 was held February 20, 2016 at the institute’s rooftop. From students to teaching and non-teaching staff, were delighted to have a reunion.

An enlightening speech by Chairman Mr. Pradip Chopra inspired the audience as he spoke about the academics, industry, entrepreneurship and much more. The evening featured song and dance performances by students and faculty members. A noteworthy mention is the band performance by ‘Ohm’. The evening also bestowed the coveted honour of ‘Mr and Ms. Alumni’, who have now become achievers in their respective fields. Dhiraj Jindal, Dept of Management Studies, is the Managing Director of One Sports Lounge & Lounge One. He has also been appointed as the Chief Operating Officer for Bar Stock Exchange in India and Germany, was awarded as Mr. Alumnus 2016, by Mr. Chopra, Chairman iLEAD and Ms. Juhi Baid, Dept of Management Studies, is working as an audit consultant at PWC Pvt Ltd, was awarded as Ms. Alumnus 2016, by Mr. Chopra, Chairman iLEAD.

Delicious veg-banquet organized at the rooftop attracted the foodies and people engaged in yesteryear conversations and nostalgia over dinner tables. Students and alumni members jived and frolicked to the DJ music. In the end, everyone left with an enthusiasm and hopes for next year’s Alumni meet.

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Fairwell 2023

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Farewell 2022

On June 11th 2022, iLEAD organized Farewell 2022 for the outgoing undergraduate batch of 2019-2022 and the postgraduate batch of 2020-2022.

The event included cultural performances on stage by the juniors in honor of the outgoing senior students.

Ranging from singing to various types of dance, Farewell 2022 had the auditorium packed with audience.

The outgoing students also delivered speeches dedicated to their mentors, friends, and juniors.

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Farewell Party 2019

iLEAD had organized a Farewell program for the final year students on 3rd May 2019. This year the event was named as ‘Hasta La Vista’. The entire campus was decorated by the 1st and 2nd year students with photographs depicting the beautiful memories of the final year students.

The 1st year students performed on a musical for their seniors. The 2nd year students also came up with a dance performance. A game round took place wherein the outgoing students had to complete tasks given by their juniors. The students received best wishes from the institute fraternity for their future.

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Farewell Party 2018

iLEAD organized a grand farewell for its passing out Media and Management students on the 10th of May 2018 at iLEAD Campus. The campus was decorated with wonderful memories and glimpses of the outgoing students.

The farewell session ended with arrangement of evening snacks for the students at the rooftop. The senior students were congratulated and wished well by the entire fraternity of the institute for their success in the professional life and making a mark as a leader in the society.

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Farewell Party 2017

A star-studded night, a photo booth resembling the hall of fame with some big celebrities and a beautiful balloon canopy at the entrance, followed by streamers all around the campus – this is how the juniors bid adieu to their lovely seniors MBA 2014-16, M.SC 2015-17, BBA 2014-17 and BMS 2014-17 on the 19th of May at iLEAD Campus.

Hosts for the evening Mustafa Rangoonwala and Fazal Elahi of BMS Semester IV entertained the audiences with their comic partnership and enactment of the seniors.

This was followed by the batch videos. The most awaited part of the ceremony was the awards being given out for 21 categories including Mr and Miss Romantic Hero and Heroine, Mr and Miss Fashionista and the Lifetime Achievement Award, which went to the Vice-President of the student council 2016-17, Abhishek Tiwary. The second year students performed on songs of superstar Shah Rukh Khan and Madhuri Dixit and some peppy tracks to groove on. The show finally concluded with a dance performance and DJ Nite spinning dance numbers for the crowd. It would forever remain a night to remember for all those who would be welcoming their lives ahead after their journey at the institute.

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Farewell Party 2016

iLEAD bid Adieu to the outgoing batch of 2016 on May 14, 2016. This farewell party was organized by iLEAD at iLEAD Auditorium and the theme being “Retro”. It was made sure that everything is based on that theme. All out-going students were dressed at their best. The event was enlightened by motivating speeches by our Chairman Mr. Pradip Chopra and Our ex-Principal Dr. Debamitra Mitra, some outstanding performances by the juniors and parting speeches by outgoing students followed by Retro Award Nights.

The evening was followed with a DJ night and it was concluded with a platter of mouth-watering, tasty dishes though there was an atmosphere of joy and excitement, yet it was tinged with an air of melancholy and sadness in the students, from parting away from the college, mentors and friends.

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Farewell Party 2015

iLEAD organized its Farewell party for all outgoing students of 2015 batch on April 28, 2015. The farewell party was organized in iLEAD Auditorium, which was nicely decorated. The evening was enlightened by the speech of our Chairman Mr. Pradip Chopra and Principal Dr. Debamitra Mitra, followed by some stunning performances by present students, award giving ceremony and concluded with come delicious dinner.

It was an evening, which was filled with fun, laughter, entertainment and at the same time, the outgoing students expressed their feelings too.

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Our Motto

iLEAD Alumnus believes in fostering a strong alumni network that not only helps former students remain connected but also provide an avenue for the philanthropic spirit of successful alumni. The Alumni Association provides a platform for sharing your intellectual, cultural, career and professional experiences not just with the present students but also with other alumni.

iLEAD Alumni Association Benefits:

  • Invitation to seminars, workshops and conferences
  • Access to placement cell in case of lateral vacancies
  • Ex-Student exchange programme after mutual consent
  • Elite Library membership. For further queries contact @ 033-40182000/34
  • Participation in competitive fields
  • Invitation to all celebrations @ iLEAD
  • Enrollment for foreign language classes
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