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Program Overview

Films have gained global audience now breaking all the linguistic and cultural barriers due to constant upgrading technology. iLEAD understands the need of contemporary cinema. To make the filmaholic youth industry ready, we have designed a comprehensive, scientific and industry oriented undergraduate degree program of B.Sc. in Film and Television in Kolkata under MAKAUT.

This film making course in Kolkata at iLEAD is designed to give you a comprehensive overview of all major filmmaking disciplines including cinematography, directing, screenwriting, producing, and editing. It includes study of intricate art of method filmmaking, from story concepts to final editing and everything in between.

Keeping you upto date with all the film making trends in the global scenario such as Film Making in the Digital Era of OTT platforms, effective use of sound design, Dolby, DTS and Dolby Atmos, Post Production Techniques like Live Action and VFX and much more. This course makes sure you are ready to step into the industry as a professional.

Our course of B.Sc. in Film and Television in Kolkata gives students far more practical exposure to the film industry than any other contemporary film making course in Kolkata. It focuses on method education, real time projects and the kind of cinema that is relevant today.

  • Learn in demand film making skills including, film and television production, basics of direction and visual language, scripting and story boarding, software application in screen writing and more.
  • In house chroma and audio production studio
  • Industry exposure and portfolio worthy projects
  • Interact with experts, guidance from industry leaders, internship and placement assistance
What Are We offering?

4-year under graduate degree program of B.Sc in Film and Television in Kolkata at iLEAD under Maulana Abul Kalam Azad University of Technology (MAKAUT)


Highlights From The Course

Our film making course in Kolkata has a very practical approach towards the curriculum and makes you familiar with every aspect of media so that you can understand your passion better. Some of the highlights from the course include –

  • Image Production – Still and Video
  • Script Writing
  • European, Latin, Asian, African, Indian, American Cinema
  • Television Production
  • Sound in Cinema
  • Post Production
  • Practical Film Making and more
Why the Film Industry?

This course of B.Sc. in Film and Television in Kolkata is in sync with the industry needs and requirements. The prospect of the film industry in the near future is extremely bright. It is a sunrise sector for the economy of the country and is set to provide employment to a huge number of skilled individuals.

  • India has the largest film industry in the world if number of films produced are taken in consideration
  • The worth of India’s Media and Entertainment (M&E) Industry is currently $23 billion and is estimated to grow up to $100 billion by the year 2030
  • India ranks 1st worldwide in terms of online film audience.
  • By the year of 2023, the count of online film viewers in India can reach an approximate number of 900 million
  • The subscription revenue of India is estimated to reach 13.34 billion US$ by 2023
  • Netflix, Disney+ Hotstar, Amazon Prime Video and other OTT platforms are competing with each other to come up with more quality content which appeals to a wider audience to attract the masses
  • Television is supposed account for 40% of Indian media market in the year 2024
  • Global OTT platforms will make the Indian content reach a larger set of International audience along with the local/national audience

iLEAD Advantages

  • It is the 4th Best Media School in India as per KPMG
  • High-end equipment and upgraded chroma studio for your projects
  • iLEAD’s audio studio gives you access to world class recording environment
  • Top ranking experts from film and media industry as guest and adjunct faculty
  • iLEAD's own film and production unit ensure hands-on experience from Day 1
  • Funding from iLEAD and other sources can be considered for your own filmmaking project from iLEAD after the course
  • 1,20,000+ popular, rare and unique books in the library, 20+ journals and periodicals
  • Around 5,000 audio visual content and very large digital library
  • Opportunities for internships and networking
  • Merit Based Scholarships
  • Earn While You Learn opportunities
  • Live projects and industry exposure
  • 100% placement assistance

100 Hours Of Job Oriented Training

100 hours of exclusive job oriented practical training in the industry for the students will be provided. 50 hours of the program will include Personality Development classes & any one course on either Event Management, Photography, Digital Marketing, Design, Editing and One Foreign Language FREE OF COST (Beginners Level Only). And another 50 hours to include industry oriented training program in order to make students job ready. The training will include internships, field trips and more.

Message From iLEADERS

Experience of our students

Tushni Chakraborty
Aranya Kumar
Akash Mukherjee

What's New

Updates from the Film Department

Additional Courses And iLEAD Diploma

Once you are in iLEAD, you can also take up the short-term professional courses offered by iLEAD. One short-term course is offered completely free of cost to a regular iLEAD student. These courses help you to be industry ready. Classes for these courses are generally held during weekends.


In order to impart holistic education to you and make you competent professionals in diverse fields,
iLEAD goes beyond the curriculum and engages the students in challenging ‘on campus’ and ‘off campus’ activities. At least twice every month, experts from different fields are invited to deliver lecturers at iLEAD. Our students receive the Diploma at the end of the under graduate or post graduate programme as a value addition to the university degree.
The diploma will mention the non academic credit points accumulated by the student in the six semesters of the graduation programme.

Highlights of the Diploma Program

You can collect one credit point by imparting at least six hours of community service or being involved in co-curricular and extracurricular work. It is compulsory for our every student to take up at least one online course offered by Coursera. You will get two credit points on successful completion of one course.

iLEAD's Personality Development Program
  • A 60-hour training module for soft and life skills with focus on personality development (Compulsory for all students).
  • A foreign language course for students.
  • Field trips, internships, live projects.
  • Participation in co-curricular and extracurricular activities.

*Conditions Apply

Eligibility Criteria

  • Minimum 50% marks or above in Higher Secondary or equivalent examination (CBSE, ISC, A Levels or any other equivalent Board examination).
  • Students have to appear in Common Entrance Test (CET) of MAKAUT and the college Selection Rounds (Group Discussion & Personal Interview) for enrollment.
  • Creative Aptitude in Filmmaking

Course Structure

    1. Major – Introduction to Moving Pictures, Cinematography -Theory & Practice
    2. Minor – Principles Of Management
    3. Inter Disciplinary – Any one from GE baskets Basket A or D
    4. Ability Enhancement – English & Professional Communication
    5. Skill Enhancement – Life Skills & Personality Development.
    6. Common Value added Course – Yoga/ Health & Wellness/Sports
    1. Major – Understanding American Cinema & emergence of Genre, Script Writing
    2. Minor – Organization Behaviour
    3. Inter Disciplinary – Any one from GE baskets Basket B or E
    4. Ability Enhancement – Modern Indian Languages and Literature
    5. Skill Enhancement – IT Tools for Business
    6. Common Value added Course – Critical Thinking/ NSS/ Mental Health
    1. Major – Editing Theory & Practice, Technology & Aesthetics of Sound
    2. Minor – Business & Sustainability
    3. Inter Disciplinary – Any one from GE baskets Basket C or F
    4. Ability Enhancement – The Constitution, Human Rights & Law
    5. Skill Enhancement – Understanding basics of Cyber Security
    1. Major – Indian & Hindi Popular Cinema, Introduction to World
      Cinema I, Advanced Cinematography & Diploma Film Project
    2. Minor – Corporate Social Responsibility, E-Commerce
    3. Ability Enhancement – Society Culture & Human Behaviour
    1. Major – Film Theory & Practice, Making of a TVC or Music Video
    2. Minor – Financial Management, Entrepreneurship
    3. Skill Enhancement – Internship to be started after exam of 4th sem (sem break) and completed within 5th sem
    1. Major – Post Production Technique, Introduction to World
      Cinema II, New Media & OTT Platform
    2. Minor – Customer Relationship Management, Managing Workplace Diversity
    1. Major – History of Documentary Cinema, Production Design, New Media & Degree Film Project (Non Fiction)
    2. Minor – Exploring Business Opportunity, Intellectual Property Rights
    1. Major – Degree Film Project (Fiction), Making a Portfolio 22
      Showreel (Sessional)
    2. Skill Enhancement – Research Project


Ms. Nirabari Bandyopadhyay

HOD of Film Department with experience of 13 years

Mr. Sayandip Palit

Associate Professor in the Film Department with experience of 14 years

Mr. Manish Das

Faculty  with experience of 15 years

Mr. Arindam Bhattacharjee

Adjunct Faculty in the Film Department with experience of 13 years

Mr. Debottam Basu

Adjunct Faculty in the Film Department

An Exclusive Exposure To The Knowledge Of Filmmaking

iLEAD is the first media and film institute to produce commercial movies by itself and have its own production vertical, iLEAD Films. iLEAD Films has produced Hindi commercial movie ‘Before You Die’ with 40 media and film students as key crew members. This has allowed them to learn various aspects of filmmaking on the shooting floor ranging from production, scripting, editing, cinematography, costume designing and more. With more such upcoming films to be produced under the banner of iLEAD Films, we aim to provide students with an exclusive exposure to the knowledge of filmmaking.

Course Fees

Semester 1
1,26,750 (Admission fees & 1st Semester Fee)
Semester 2
Semester 3
Semester 4
Semester 5
Semester 6
Semester 7
Semester 8
Grand Total

Scholarship Programs

Student Loan Available

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Key Partners

Draupnir Capital Incubation Centre at iLEAD

iLEAD now has partnered with Draupnir Capital Incubation Centre, a premier private equity advisory firm dedicated to empowering young startups.

Draupnir Capital is exclusively focused on our very own iLEAD students, graduates, and alumni, ensuring they receive unparalleled support – be it resources, capital, intellectual property, or administrative guidance.

We’ve also joined forces with the State Bank of India, amplifying the support network for our budding visionaries. This strategic alliance among Draupnir Capital Incubation Centre, iLEAD, and the State Bank of India promises a transformative impact on the entrepreneurial landscape.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is a filmmaker?

Film makers are basically creators of a film. A film is born out of their visualization and whatever the end product is, it initially starts with a fragment of the film maker’s imagination. They make creative decisions to determine the overall look of a film, including those that impact the special effects, filming locations, shot angles, and casts’ performances. These professionals participate in every phase of a filming project and usually lead or supervise it.

2. What tasks does filmmaking involve?

The routine tasks of a film maker vary as the days pass by, the current requirement changes and the production of the film goes on. At the beginning of a project, the film maker is responsible for reviewing and interpreting scripts, establishing the film’s tone, and choosing their entire crew. Film makers co-ordinate with everyone by working with other department heads on set, including those involved with casting, design, and camera work. The film maker is heavily involved in all stages of filmmaking, from the very start of the project to the final cut. However, their roles and responsibilities vary in each phase of filmmaking.

3. What are the key responsibilities of a filmmaker?

Some of the key responsibilities of a film maker include:

  • Being thoroughly involved in all the major phases of film making i.e. pre-production, production and post-production.
  • Selecting which scripts are to be turned into films by reviewing and adjusting among many other scripts
  • Approving the film production budget and monitoring the costs
  • Picturing roles, holding auditions, selecting actors, and directing those actors
  • Supervising over all the on and off set aspects of the production process
  • Closely working with the sound and music departments
  • Producing the final version of the film and making sure it is as close to the initial visualization/planning as possible and more so by adding up effects that provide an immersive and inclusive experience to the audience by working and co-ordinating with the editors
  • Ensuring that the film production stays within its assigned budget and on its timeline i.e. it doesn’t miss its deadline

4. Why should one take up the Film Making Course in Kolkata at iLEAD?

It is the 4th Best Media School in India as per KPMG. iLEAD is the only film school to have its own production house and its production vertical known as iLEAD Films that has already produced the Hindi commercial film ‘Before You Die’. Filmmaking enthusiasts get opportunity to work in iLEAD Films’ projects as key crew members. This allows them to get hands on practical experience. High-end equipment and upgraded chroma studio and audio studio for the projects are always accessible by the students. Over here the students get top ranking experts from film and media industry as guest and adjunct faculty who provides them with high ended educational knowledge and field experience since Day1.The self-creations of the students can be showcased to worldwide audience through and funding from iLEAD and other sources can be considered for their own filmmaking project after the course. 100 hours of exclusive job oriented practical training in the industry for the students will be provided. 50 hours of the program will include Personality Development classes & anyone short term course on either Event Management, Photography, Digital Marketing, Editing, Design and one Foreign Language free of cost (Beginners level only). And another 50 hours to include industry-oriented training program in order to make students job ready. The training will include internships, field trips and more.

5. Is the filmmaking course in Kolkata offered by iLEAD affiliated to any university?

iLEAD’s course of B.Sc in Film and Television in Kolkata is affiliated to Maulana Abul Kalam University of Technology.

6. What is the duration of the program?

It’s a 4 year degree program with 8 semesters.

7. What is the eligibility to enroll in the program?

Minimum 50% marks or above in Higher Secondary or equivalent examination (CBSE, ISC, A Levels or any other equivalent Board examination) with English as a compulsory subject are preferred along with a creative aptitude in filmmaking

8. How does taking up a Film Making Course in Kolkata help develop your skill set and make an impact?

  1. It provides you with an opportunity to explore your creativity.
  2. You will have practical exposure to what field of filmmaking you are best suited for. For Example – Direction/Editing/Cinematography etc.
  3. This creative film making courses allow you to work in different areas and get to study the use of a variety range of equipment.
  4. By exploring these elements of your creativity, you will be able to innovate ways to shoot interesting films which are out of the box, even when there are budget constraints. At times, we need to learn certain tools to unlock latent creativity, and filmmaking course for students guides them to do exactly that.

9. What are the career opportunities after completing the course?

Once you complete the course, you can choose your career as per your interest. You can become a director/editor/production supervisor/costume supervisor/DOP/art director/executive producer/screenplay writer/videographer/sound designer/VFX supervisor and more.

10. Are scholarships available for the program?

Yes. Merit Based Scholarships are available. Students need to contact the college to know more. Call 9163122222 for details.

11. Are there any Education Loan Facilities available?

Yes. We have partnership with SBI & HDFC Bank for loan

12. What is the admission procedure?

Candidates are to apply directly on college website ( by online process for admission or visit the college premise. Call 9163122222 for details.

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