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About Event Management

The Event Management course at iLEAD has been designed to give you firsthand exposure and experience in event management culminating in a live event to be organized entirely by you. The course includes learning fundamentals of Event Management, planning and preparation for an event, analysis and feedback of an event, execution of an event, process to start your own event management company, knowing about types of events and much more. This Event Management certificate course will also provide you with first hand training, industry exposure and practical skills.

Course Structure

Level - Beginners

Module 1: Fundamentals (2 sessions, 2 hours each)

  • What is an event?
  • What it takes to be a good event manager?
  • Types of events; challenges posed in each type of event

Module 2: Types of events (5 sessions, 2 hours each)

  • Musical events
  • Weddings and other family events
  • Corporate event
  • Exhibitions/Fairs
  • Press Conferences

Course Fees: Rs 4,999

Duration: 14 hours

Level - Advanced

Module 1: Networking (4 sessions, 2 hours each)

  • Optimizing the social media
  • Networking with the press
  • Basic PR skills
  • Basic communication skills: Verbal and Written

Module 2: Planning and Preparation for an event (5 sessions, 2 hours each)

  • Budget
  • Preparing blueprint of an event
  • Conceptualizing an event
  • Facebook ads
  • Publicizing the event
  • Venue, permissions, safety measures

Module 3: Executing the event (3 sessions, 2 hours each)

  • Hospitality
  • Still Photography
  • Videography

Module 4: Post Mortem of an event (1 session of 2 hours)

  • Collating feedback
  • Writing a report
  • Collating press coverage

Module 5: Starting your own event management company (1 session of 2 hours)

Course Fees: Rs 6,999

Duration: 26 hours

Class Timings – Saturday and Sunday

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