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March 28, 2023

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Shubhadip Das


7 things I definitely love about iLEAD

The Institute of Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Development, commonly known as iLEAD, is a top-class and multidisciplinary college which is located at the heart of Chinatown, Kolkata. My association with iLEAD has now been almost two years and to witness the growth and level of this institute first-handedly is a really fascinating and inspiring experience. To claim that my knowledge about the campus is pretty deep won't be too far fetched. Everyone has an uncertainty when they decide which college to choose for themselves and I was one of them but not anymore. iLEAD has made me love how it is as an institute and I want to share 7 things that I definitely love about this college along with some memories stored in the form of photographs.


The first thing that comes to my mind when I think of the iLEAD infrastructure is - "Beautiful and sustainable!".

iLEAD is not just built on a world-class standard but also in major eco-friendly ways. The entire campus has three divisions, namely main campus, second campus and the annex (or third campus) and everywhere, one can see reuse of plastic bottles and thermocol blocks and other non-biodegradable products which makes it unique and green. The college has inspirational quotes all around, which is really motivating for the students. The rooftop sports complex is another blissful part of the college and it is one of the top-notch grounds I have scored goals in. There is an amazing library in the college as well with over 1.5 lakh books in there which serves as the best place to study and gather reference materials. The presence of a gym to maintain fitness is an added bonus to the top-tier infrastructure of the college.


iLEAD is a potpourri of disciplines with well-designed courses for each of them. The syllabus as subscribed by MAKAUT is really industry and practical-oriented, at least when it comes to Media Science. Learning at iLEAD is a really fun process and one doesn't feel uninterested at all. The pedagogy of the mentors here and the bond that students share with the faculty makes inheriting education in iLEAD a brilliant experience.


The student life in iLEAD is super happening! There are various hang-out places in and around campus which is an ideal chill zone. There are 13 active clubs in the college where students can find their interests and be a part of it. There are seminars and contests that keep happening from time to time in iLEAD and this gives every student a fair platform to showcase what they're good at. The best thing about the student life in iLEAD is that there exists a friendly harmony between the students even though there is a broad diversity in the background of all the students. The college has an anti-ragging and an anti-sexual harassment cell too which always helps and guides students in need. The relationship between the seniors and juniors is also a friendly one, leaving no scope for bullying or other things that worries a fresher.


Students are assured to get access to one and all of the amenities that the college has which highly benefits their academics as well as personal needs. It's ensured that all the basic needs of students are taken care of, irrespective of which course they are pursuing. There is a chroma-key production studio which students can book for personal or academic use. There is a sound-proof recording studio as well where great audio content is made by iLEADERS. There's a fully furnished, updated, computer lab with MAC and PCs as well. Some best-in-class equipment and tools are also lent to students for use and experience which otherwise wouldn't have been possible for the student to get their hands on because of the price or rarity of the item.


The college has two primary canteens. One is on the top floor of the main campus, called 'Casablanca' and the other is on the ground floor, named 'China Town'. Both of these are lovely places and are often crowded. I've had countless laughs in these places and it's a really good place to relax and chat with friends while enjoying the reasonably priced yet top-tier food and beverages available. The canteen is one of my favourite places in iLEAD where I have had the best times in college.


Just like a top college should, iLEAD assists you with the best placements which not only make students feel secure but also set them on a path of a bright career. The iLEAD Placement Cell also provides training and counselling to prospective students so that they can nail that job or internship interview and take one step up the ladder of their growth. iLEAD, thanks to its reputation in the industry, brings in big and renowned companies and agencies to recruit from campus which also boosts the morale of the students. The 'Earn While You Learn' scheme in iLEAD is also a major benefit to students who gather experience as well as earn a good stipend while studying by working for iLEAD's client projects.


iLEAD won the best co-curricular college award at Sankalp Awards 2019 and I think it shows how iLEAD is just not a place with best-in-class facilities and top-rated courses but also a place which has the most interesting and creative events for not just its students but students from other institutes as well.

These are my top 7 things I definitely love about iLEAD out of many other reasons. iLEAD is a place for me that has transformed into a better version of myself and this closing line goes to every iLEADER reading this - Admit it, you all love something or the other about the college and I'm always up to know your reasons. Maybe the next blog on this topic could be yours, who knows? (Mom ma'am maybe, haha)


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