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March 1, 2023

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The iLEAD Tour In Pictures – A Photostory

College is an institution which educates us to become not only a craftsman but also a responsible social being. Ilead is no exception. Ilead is a great college to begin your journey in higher studies. I joined iLEAD at the year of 2017 in the batch of Bachelor of Media Science. From the first day, I quite enjoyed iLEAD as a college. iLEAD taught me so many lessons not only bookish but I also learnt as an individual. Here students are provided with such infrastructure and opportunities that they become a pro at their own fields. Teachers share such good rapport with us that most of them end up creating great teacher-student bonds. iLEAD has a library where we can find almost any book we want to have. Talking about canteen, iLEAD has two of them. One named 'China Town' and the other 'Cafeteria'. iLEAD is also known for its green campus. Nowadays, the green we used to know is fading. That's why our college took initiative to make our campus green as much as possible. In the end, iLEAD is not only a college but an emotion to its every student. Here some of my photographs which holds iLEAD, my college, close to my heart. 'The Front Gate' It’s the front gate of iLEAD where everything begins. 'Ground Corridor' The doorway to our college. 'The Library' The library where almost every book we can find related to our courses and also the books with great value. 'The AV Lab' It’s our AV lab where we spend a lot of time doing editing. 'The China Town' It’s our canteen where the decoration is influenced by ancient Chinese art and culture. 'The Rooftop' It’s the rooftop but at the same tome it’s filled with classrooms and 'Cafeteria’. 'The Fashion Designing Class' It’s the fashion designing classroom, where fashion students try their best to come up with innovative ideas of clothing. 'Cafeteria’ It’s our main canteen. Everyone gathers here during the tiffin hours to have some food with gossips. 'Gossip More' It’s the gossip place, where everyone gathers for their daily gossips. 'Green Campus' Our college made so much effort to make our campus green.

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