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March 1, 2023

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The Bustling and Busy City of Joy

Kolkata, known as the City of Joy has always been bustling with crowd and high on energy until the pandemic of Covid-19 hit us hard just like any other city in the rest of the world and country. And the busy city suddenly went all quite. The Kolkata we see today was unimaginable even just a few weeks ago. However, the distant dream of my Kolkata in its original spirit has remained captured in my lens since a long time. These captures feature the busy, bustling and buzzing Kolkata that truly was the ‘City of Joy’ for all of us. Here are some of my captures that pictures my city in its original form. Busy office time when we actually used to run and rush into the bus Workers pulling cart in North Kolkata to go to the Burrabazar Kolkata’s traditional old hand rickshaw crossing the road on a busy day in South Kolkata Children gossiping on the street of Kolkata A busy day at Girish Park Crossing - Rush to cross the road before the signal turns green Man in hurry to get into the bus  


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