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Would you be an Employee or an Entrepreneur?

One of the biggest confusion among aspiring professionals in the world today is to be or not be an entrepreneur. Many are content with their daytime or night time shifts while many complain for not being able to achieve their own dreams and working only for someone else.  We took some views from USA, the cradle of entrepreneurship, to understand their views on being an employee vs being an entrepreneur.

Luis Garcia (Anaheim, California) says -

“You can make money in both positions. Being an entrepreneur takes a lot of courage, patience, and you need to be comfortable not making profits for a long time”

entrepreneur1Many people actually give up their dreams during this phase and in order to make an income or a profit they opt for the job life.

We often wonder what it takes to go through the long phase and if one should have some advance provisions. “If you want to build a service to invent a product from the initial levels then a passive income is often necessary,” says Luis Garcia.

Many believe that it is important to be an employee for sustenance before becoming an entrepreneur.

Varun Senthil from San Ramon, California says,

“I am on path to being an entrepreneur. I might have to also be an employee to sustain myself. If I have the means to sustain myself, then I must continue getting my business self-sustaining. Until I'm able to sustain myself as an entrepreneur, I need something to support myself, ideally, a job that I can do part time in.”

In this world of choices, there are certain mindsets which many may call “the winner mindset” or the “optimist mindset” that primarily do not consider the job option for those who want to dream about Entrepreneurship.

Ernst Achildiyev from New York City believes in 100% entrepreneurship, he says,

“While there's nothing wrong with being an employee, it's a position of submission to the employer. Those who have high aspirations, and use being an employee as a way to learn the business and spring board into going out on their own is what being an employee should be about for the big dreamers.”

The Side Hustle (Hustle - a state of great activity.): Gary Vaynerchuck, entrepreneur and CEO of VaynerMedia & VaynerSports, YouTuber, vlogger and investor in Twitter, Snapchat, Uber & Venmo talks about the importance of what you are doing from 7:00 pm – 2:00 am and what you are doing from Friday night till Monday morning if you are in a job life and yet dream of having your own business and being an entrepreneur. Using the internet and putting in those extra hours matter.

Many entrepreneurs are failing today due to lack of funds or revenue or failed marketing strategy but on the other hand we are seeing many with a high degree of patience, hard work and genius leading themselves to success. Job life comes with a greater amount of security compared to the entrepreneurial life.  If you want to become an employee or an entrepreneur is up to you but one thing’s for certain, we would not like to see you give up on your dreams, be it working for your desired company or building your own.

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