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B.Sc. in Data Science: Why pursue it after 12th in India?

In the rapidly evolving digital world, data has become a vital asset for businesses and organizations. With the increase in data generation, there is a growing need for professionals who can harness this data to derive meaningful insights. This is where a degree of B.Sc. in Data Science comes into play. It is a four-year full-time program that delves into Computer Science, Business Analytics, and Artificial Intelligence, making it an interdisciplinary subject. Here are the top reasons why you should consider pursuing it after 12th in India. Opportunity to Work in Numerous Industries Data Science is a versatile field with applications in several industries, including healthcare, banking, consultancy services, and e-commerce. This versatility allows data science professionals to work across different sectors, providing them with diverse career opportunities and experiences. B.Sc. in Data Science degree program integrates Computer Science, Business Analytics, and Artificial Intelligence. Great Demand in India and Elsewhere Data Science is a booming field with immense demand globally. It is expected to create 11.5 million jobs by 2026. After the US, India is predicted to be a global hub for data science professionals. The National Average Salary for data scientists in India is around INR 11, 48,252, while the International Average Salary is around USD 113,436 according to Glassdoor. Excellent Job Opportunities In the era of digital transformation, data science has emerged as a crucial field. A B.Sc. in Data Science degree is a comprehensive four-year course that can help put you on the fast track to success, with a promising job in the field of data science and with an excellent salary package. Upon completing a B.Sc. in Data Science degree, graduates can explore various careers like Data Scientist, Data Solutions Analyst, Process Analyst, Business Analyst, Web & Social Media Analyst, Statistical Analyst, Data Mining Engineer, Business Intelligence Analyst, CRM Analyst, Data Architect, or Database Administrator. Good Salary Trends Data Science is one of the highest-paid jobs globally. In India, the average starting salary for data scientists is expected to be around INR 5-8 LPA. With experience and successful project completions, professionals can earn as high as INR 16 LPA in reputed companies such as Publicis Sapient, MuSigma, Cognizant, Amazon, E&Y, Accenture, TCS, and others. Helps Make the World Function Better Data Science deals with processing and analyzing data to improve its quality, which is vital for organizations to make informed decisions. Data scientists not only analyze statistics but also enrich data, making it better for the company. This role is crucial in helping businesses and organizations function more effectively and efficiently. After 12th studies, pursuing a B.Sc. in Data Science course can open up doors to a rewarding career for learners in India. It offers a deep dive into various aspects like Machine Learning, Cloud Computing, Data visualization, Python Programming, and Operating Systems. It offers the chance to work in diverse industries, great demand both in India and globally, excellent job opportunities, good salary trends, and the opportunity to contribute to making the world function better. You may also find the best BBA Institute in Kolkata.

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