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Saheli Goswami

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Why Should You Choose a Degree in Media Science?

The media industry has witnessed phenomenal growth in the last few decades. The growing importance of the media industry has opened a plethora of job opportunities and made it a lucrative career option. Since a career in the media industry is highly sought after, a degree in Media Science will help you establish yourself in this industry. You can choose from various Media Science Courses Kolkata to enhance your skill set and be competent in the field of mass media and communication. So, let's dig deeper to understand how choosing a degree in B.Sc Media Science Kolkata can benefit your career.

Benefits of A Media Science Course in Kolkata

  • Industry Exposure 

As a media professional, one travels to different places and explores various industries to cover multiple events and stories. Moreover, as a student of B.Sc Media Science Kolkata, the student must make industry visits. This exposure enables a student to get acquainted with the industry and understand how it works even before they actually become a professional. 

  • Diverse Employment Opportunities

A student ofB.Sc Media Science Kolkata has an opportunity to work in diverse areas such as news channels, newspapers, magazines, production houses, FM channels, PR firms, and so on. Thus choosing the Media Science course in Kolkata opens a galore of employment opportunities for students.

  • Develop Skill Set

As a media professional, a person is required to have strong creative writing skills, research, analysis, and public speaking skills. The Media Science Course Kolkata helps you develop and enhance your skill set. A B.Sc in media science in Kolkata ensures you have the right skill set for the media industry.

  • Good Salary

The Media Science course in Kolkata enables students to build successful careers. A fresher may not start big, but as they gain experience and exposure, they eventually start getting higher packages. 

  • To Be a Part of Press

The media, especially the press, is considered the watchdog of society. Studying media science courses will open the doors to being a part of the press.

Career Opportunities After B.Sc in Media Science Kolkata

After completing a Media Science course in Kolkata, you can work as:

  • Journalist
  • News Anchor
  • Radio Jockey
  • Public Relations Officer
  • Content Writer
  • Photographer
  • Advertising Professional
  • TV Anchor
  • Event Manager
  • Copywriter or Editor
  • Corporate Communicator
  • Film Maker
  • OTT/Web Professional
  • Audio Professional
  • Entrepreneur

Media Science Courses at iLead

iLead is listed among the top media science colleges in Kolkata. In fact, we are the 4th Best Media School in India, as per KPMG. At iLead, we are on a mission to skilled media professionals for the future and hence offer a three-year undergraduate degree program of B.Sc Media Science at reasonable fees. Our course in B.Sc in Media Science and Journalism equips students with all the necessary skill sets and knowledge to build a successful career as a media professional. We have designed the curriculum in such a manner that it makes the students' industry ready. 

Our USP:

  • State-of-the-art infrastructure with industry-standard sound lab, news reading room, and shooting floor
  • High-end equipment and upgraded chroma studio for students' projects.
  • Tie-ups with multiple media and production houses for on-the-job training.
  • Top-ranking and experienced film and media industry professionals as a guest and adjunct faculty member.
  • 360-degree placement training and guaranteed assistance.

We at iLeads are committed to providing all students with quality education, infrastructure, and placement assistance. We offer students 100% placement assistance and opportunities for internships and networking. Moreover, our continuous placement record has helped us in achieving the reputation of the most trustworthy university.

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