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Why Pursue a Course in Media Science?

Despite being a fairly new discipline, media science has quickly made its way into several esteemed educational institutes across the world. Students pursuing media studies courses analyse how the content, industries, and practices of mass media — which comprise television, movies, newspapers, radio, magazines, music, books, the internet, digital gaming, and social media – form our perceptions of the world around us.

Overall employment in the media and communication occupations is projected to increase by 6 % between 2021 to 2031. This projected growth is expected to result in approximately 68,600 new jobs during this decade. Besides these new jobs, opportunities will also arise from the need to replace workforces who leave their jobs permanently. Around 115,800 openings, on average, every year is anticipated to arise from growth and replacement requirement.

Considering this demand, it would be extremely fruitful for aspirants to pursue a career in media. Taking up a course in B.Sc Media Science in Kolkata, students will be able to lay the foundations for their careers in media. There are many more reasons why you must consider a course in media science. Here are some reasons:

Learn How Disciplines Interact With Each Other

One of the most interesting things about taking up Media Science is that it allows you to explore several other branches of knowledge, such as you can explore economics and business or mass communication, government structures, sociology, psychology, law, and many more streams while pursuing Media Science.

Several Prospects of Employment

A student who has completed their course in Media Science has an opportunity to choose to work in a variety of fields, including production houses, newspapers, PR firms, magazines, television news channels, FM channels, image consultancy, digital marketing, and more.

Good Public Relations

A person working with the media is considered to have one of the most dynamic jobs. They are always communicating with different types of people and have an opportunity to establish good contacts with them. They gain so much life experience when travelling and meeting people while being associated with the media. They are recognized, and their job is fun and challenging.

Well-Paying Jobs

People associated with the media draw an attractive salary once they become experienced in their field of work. Thus, it is significant that you complete your course from a well-known organization and pursuing higher studies in Media Science is always good for career growth.

Media Science allows you to explore many different types of jobs. After completing B.Sc in Media Science, you can work as:

  • Journalist
  • Photographer
  • News Anchor
  • Public relations officer
  • Copywriter Editor
  • Radio Jockey
  • Content writer
  • TV Anchor
  • Content Creator
  • Filmmaker
  • Corporate Communicator OTT/web professional
  • Advertising Professional
  • Entrepreneur Audio professional
  • Event Manager

If you are creative and aspire for a dynamic career in the ever changing world of media, then B.Sc in Media Science is the perfect degree program for you. The curriculum is structured in a way that there are ample opportunities for students to learn while studying. This program provides students with more practical exposure than a regular mass communication and journalism degree program.

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