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Why it is a Smart Decision to Go for Animation Courses after 12th?

In today's fast-paced world, the scope of Animation courses after class 12th is expanding rapidly and has become vast due to low course fees and high demand for skilled animators. With a significant increase in movie-making companies and media houses, the demand for animators has increased exponentially. Major players in the industry are also outsourcing their animation work to independent animators, further broadening the scope of animation as a career. There are various reasons why one may opt for animation after class 12th. Ample scope for preparation  Several college courses are available that focus on developing an understanding of animation tools, enabling students to use modern technologies. If you have a passion for animation, pursuing an Animation Course can help you develop your skills and creativity. Opting for animation as a career can be a preferable choice for creative and enthusiastic talents who possess skills such as confidence, time management, creativity & imagination, patience, a good eye for design, organizational skills, analytical skills, and problem-solving skills. These skills are essential for anyone considering a career in animation. Huge growth potential Secondly, the animation industry is not limited to a specific domain; instead, it is a diverse field, providing you the freedom to explore multiple areas, including 2D and 3D animation, special effects, and so on. The animation industry in India is growing rapidly and has gained global recognition for its unique animated series and features. The demand for animation has expanded with the availability of low-cost internet access, the rising popularity of OTT platforms, and increasing broadcasting viewership among kids. According to a report by FICCI EY, the animation sector has grown by 24 percent and is expected to reach Rs 180 billion by 2024. Vast job opportunities The rising demand for animated content has resulted in a significant need for skilled animators. When it comes to job opportunities in animation, the options are vast. Some of the job options for animation courses after 12th include Animator, Special Effect Artist, Rigging Artist, Game Designer, Texture Artist, 3D/2D Animator, Image Editor, Rendering Artist, Lighting Artist, Digital Ink & Paint Artist, Key Frame Animator, Compositor, and Character Animator. Excellent salary packages Fourthly, qualified and skilled animators can earn high salaries with their experience and skills. The demand for skilled animators is high, and the industry provides diverse career opportunities and high earning potential. The average annual salary package for entry level animators is INR 3.1 lakhs while experienced animators can earn 8.0 lakhs annually on an average. Even a mid-career Animator having about 4 – 9 years of experience can earn 4.7 lakhs INR per annum. Clearly, there is high earning potential. Conclusion To sum up, the animation industry is expanding rapidly and offers a plethora of job opportunities for creative and talented individuals. The animation industry is both rewarding and challenging. To succeed in this field, you require dedication, hard work, and passion. Pursuing Animation and Multimedia Courses after your 12th standard can be a stepping stone in achieving your dreams related to animation.

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