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Saheli Goswami

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What are Some Important Career Options after BBA?

The BBA degree course is currently one of the most sought-after graduation programs among students. After finishing high school, should BBA be pursued, the professions available after a BBA and which universities have the best BBA programs - these are a few of the thoughts that concern students who want to pursue a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree after their class 12 board exams. Prospective BBA students should be aware of the wide range of career options available to them after completing their degree.

How to Choose a BBA Course?

Before moving on to career options after a BBA, students must be aware of the best BBA colleges in Kolkata. There are several reputable management colleges in Kolkata, including Sister Nivedita University, Brainware University, St.Xavier University, Techno India University, Amity University, Institute of Engineering and Management (IEM), iLEAD and others.

Specialized BBA programs aid students in acquiring specialized domain-related knowledge that improves their employability prospects. Some universities, for instance, offer both a three-year BBA program and a three-year BBA program with a specialization in rural management, entrepreneurship, tea management, sports management, digital marketing and more. A 5 year integrated BBA-MBA program is also offered by others.

Which Career Options Exist After a BBA?

You can choose to pursue some of the following options.

MBA (Master of Business Administration)

After earning your BBA, consider getting your MBA. The most sought-after degree after a BBA is the Master of Business Administration (MBA), which is also the most popular course. An MBA opens doors to positions in management and leadership in a variety of industries, including human resources, business development, sales, banking, finance and other related divisions.

After earning a BBA, a student must pass the Common Aptitude Test (CAT) in order to enroll in MBA programs at prestigious universities in the nation. Additionally, many colleges hold their own entrance exams.

Digital Marketing

A career in digital marketing course in Kolkata is an option. After earning a BBA, one of the most sought-after careers is in digital marketing. In the current digital era, this may offer a promising career. A digital marketer's main responsibility is to give the client’s company a strong online presence. In order to make businesses more visible to customers, they use SEO.

Product Manager

Product managers are in greater demand. It might also be the ideal field for you as a BBA graduate. Throughout the course of the product's lifecycle, product managers are in charge of planning and carrying out the product. To make sure that the product succeeds, they establish the product's vision and collaborate closely with salespeople, engineers, and marketers. You would advance in this field if you had knowledge of business and management. It is among the best post-BBA career options.

Blockchain Expert

You will develop solutions, prototypes, and proofs of concepts based on this technology as a blockchain expert. To do this, a distributed ledger will be used along with distributed apps and smart contracts. Numerous other blockchain concepts, including cryptography, P2P networksand initial coin offerings (ICOs), are covered in a blockchain program. Blockchain experts are sought after by businesses in a variety of sectors, including healthcare, software, and finance. You can work as a Blockchain Manager, Blockchain Consultant, Business Analyst, or Blockchain Application Architect after completing the program.

Other career options

A BBA graduate has a variety of other career options, including Sales Officer, Brand Manager, Media Coordinator, HR Manager and more.

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