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Travelling Office, Travelling You

A dilemma of the modern world is to travel or not to travel. More and more young professionals are falling into the pit of depression with the same old city life. There are many among them who opt for weekend getaways but many are prone to fall in love with the concept of travelling a bit too much.  In such cases they want to make travel a lifestyle.  But the problem occurs when   these travel options do not last long as lack of money or survival needs haunt the minds soon. More than the resources being organized and in place what many suffer from is lack of brain activity or engagements, something which they were conditioned to throughout their time at 10-6 job life. The answer to this is the ‘Travelling Office’ but before you read further make sure you are a workaholic, only with too much love for travelling.

What You Will Need:

  • A Laptop with all other essentials
  • Small Folding Desk
  • Internet Connection

After you have started making the necessary calls to your clients and friends, asking for work or clarifying your doubts about pending projects you are all set to rock your travel time with some work on the menu.   From bustling streets to serene mountains, today, most places are dotted with unique concept cafes which internet connections. So you can make the best of it.

 If you are couchsurfing then most of the internet connectivity is taken care of by the residencies where you will be staying (generally). Lodges and hostels throughout the world also have good enough internet connections.

What to Work On and How - You should be having a notepad or diary where you will be able to prioritize your work and understand which projects are of most importance to you.  Figure out your time zones and make sure that the deliveries happen on time.  You should not forget charger, reminders and basic checklist including the necessary software which comprises a perfect project delivery.

Thousands of youngsters are opting for the travelling life with freelancing as an option. They want to work from anywhere, anytime and today with technology things have become faster, smarter and easier.

The V-Log and Social Media

Creating new connections with documentation, networking and projection is one of the smartest and latest way to build long lasting connections.  This is established by documenting your travels and work   in video formats or micro blogs in social media.  Everything from who is watching or reading your content to feedbacks matter in the travel and work life so networking today has become evolved and different from what it was before but we are mentioning it here only as a reference  to create impact via sharing of content of your Travelling Office.  In other words you document what you are doing and share it with the world.  How you project yourself in the social media is also a variable factor for attracting new connections to your life.   For instance if you are a filmmaker and you have a display picture of yourself dressed as a chef, your social media projection is not aligned with who you are.

From Mountains to the Seas

Trendy as it may seem, the travelling work life in the palm of your hand and fingertips can only last as long as you have your logistics sorted so it is important to maintain a personal calendar. For instance If you view this as a mode of work during a sabbatical, you should have a plan of what to do after your sabbatical ends.

Anywhere you are today, be it your favourite picturesque hill station or the café by the seaside, work today is not a restriction if you see travel as your new lifestyle.  So welcome the Travelling Office.

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