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Top 5 Career Options for Media Science Graduates

The media industry is an incredibly vast industry with numerous career options for students willing to pursue their careers in media. Media Science is comparatively a new field where many students from science backgrounds have shown interest. The course includes traditional journalism studies, practical mass media uses, public relations, and advertising. Information warfare plays a vital role in every country in priming and framing public opinion. Media Science is much like any Journalism and Mass Communication course but deals with more technical aspects of media usage. So if you have completed your B.Sc in Media Science Kolkata from a reputed university in India, there are so many popular career options for you to choose from.

Let's take a look at the top 5 career opportunities for Media Science graduates:

Broadcast Journalist

One of the most popular and common career options for students who have just graduated in media science is to become a professional broadcast journalist. The job of a journalist is to gather, select, create and disseminate news to the public. The three years long B.Sc in Media Science degree course allows students to learn all the necessary journalism skills. Once they have graduated from a reputed university, they can apply in any news house or TV channel as a beat reporter or specialized journalist in different fields such as politics, crime, entertainment, lifestyle, business, finance, etc.

Media Planner

Another common career option for Media Science students is to become a media planner. Media planners usually work within an advertising agency and create innovative and creative ideas to advertise a client's product or brand. To be a good media planner, you need excellent communication skills, creative thought processing, and expertise in handling commercial departments and technology. A good media planner should know which media platform will be best for their client's products and how to increase audience engagement. So if you just have completed your B.Sc in Media Science course Kolkata, you can become an intern at a reputed media agency.

Radio broadcasting:

The media science course includes a separate unit of radio production and broadcasting in which students get to learn all the aspects of how to produce a radio show and how to broadcast them. There are many job opportunities inside a radio station. Students can aim to become radio jockeys or radio show editors, or a broadcaster. If you have the neck and the voice, you should consider becoming a radio jockey after finishing your Media Science course. Podcasting is also another valid option for Media Science graduate students.

Digital media marketing:

The future of the media industry is in digital media. As technology evolves every day, the internet has become an integral part of everyone's daily lives. Media Science students can easily pursue their careers in digital marketing, social media handling, blogging, and SEO creating.

Event Management:

After finishing your course in B.Sc in Media Science Kolkata, becoming an event manager is one of the best career options for many students. Event management is a part of public relations, a field the media science students would be familiar with. Event managers should be capable of handling any kind of event, from conferences to wedding parties. Event managers must have many skills, including teamwork, communication skills, creativity, leadership skills, etc. iLEAD is Kolkata's top institute that offers media science courses Kolkata for under graduate  and post graduate students. The CBCS-based degree course under MAKAUT helps and trains students to be more efficient, flexible, and professional in the media industry.

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