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Things to Know After Completing BBA

A Bachelor of Business Administration or BBA has immense potential and can lead to sustaining and prolific careers in management. Taking up the right major for BBA guides you to the right career path. If you are looking forward to pursuing a BBA Course in Kolkata, then broadly, there are three types of BBA majors – General, Technical and Professional.

Majors in BBA

Under the General section – subjects like management, entrepreneurship and internal business are covered. This is especially good for those who would like to open a business of their own in the future. They can further pursue MBA to fortify their foundation of knowledge in this area and add more value. 

The Technical majors comprise subjects such as operations, Management Information Systems or MIS, and supply chain. These are technical subjects, and people majoring in these tend to get paid more than normal industry standards. 

Someone opting to do Professional majors covers subjects such as advertising, finance, and accounting. All these are an integral part of any company and there are several job positions around these sectors. These also happen to be the most popular majoring subjects taken by students. 

Specializations under BBA

There are many specializations that students pursuing BBA can aim for. These specializations help in deciding their career path. Some most commonly pursued specializations that you can opt for include:

  • BBA in Finance
  • BBA in Marketing
  • BBA in Human Resource Management 
  • BBA in Retail
  • BBA in Hospital and Healthcare
  • BBA in Information Systems
  • BBA in Entrepreneurship
  • BBA in Tourism
  • BBA in Sports Management 
  • BBA in Rural Management 
  • BBA in Supply Chain and more

BBA in Computer Application, Finance and International Business happens to be the most in-demand specialization in India. Nevertheless, the other specializations have equal importance. 

Consider Enrolling in MBA after BBA

Pursuing MBA after BBA adds weight to your resume and allows you to broaden your prospects of getting a good job with a lucrative package. MBA is a prestigious degree, and companies prefer candidates who hold this degree. Moreover, it helps you to get jobs in leadership roles across various sectors, depending on your majors and specialization. 

You require clearing the Common Aptitude Test or CAT – the most common entrance test. However, there are a variety of entrance exams that you can clear to get into MBA. 

Job Opportunities after BBA

Depending on the specialization one may select while pursuing BBA, you may get the job of corporate finance manager, risk manager, compliance controller, investment banker, financial analyst, marketing manager, operations manager, valuation manager, strategy manager, supply chain manager, production engineer, expeditors, export executives, quality control managers, employee relation managers, enterprise information officers, brand development executives, public relation officers, social media managers, digital marketing executive and many more. 

Where to Enrol for BBA?

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