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Sounab Mitra: Changing The Mindset Of Our Country That E-Sports Can Be A Full-Time Career

At iLEAD we believe in creating entrepreneurs or job creators rather than job seekers. And some of our students across the streams have successfully been able to commence their journey towards building their own business or startups.

Sounab Mitra, one of our students from B.Sc in Multimedia, Animation and Graphics, is an entrepreneur at the Lost Esports, an e-sports organization. His story as a student entrepreneur is inspiring and motivating for other students. He started off his journey as an entrepreneur during the pandemic year of 2020, however, his business is now growing. Sounab shared his journey and experience as a student entrepreneur with us.

1. What prompted you to start a business?

Gaming in India is more or less seen as a time-killing thing by many, mostly Indian parents whose ward loves playing video games. Where if we see other countries, e-sports has significant respect and understanding both casually and professionally. The idea is to changing the mindset of our country is that e-sports can be a full-time career for many and not only a thing to waste time.

2. What is your business about? Who are your target customers?

Our mission at Lost Esports is to provide the most entertaining e-sports, with the best in class production and content. We give players a platform to show their e-sports (gaming) skills to the world. Our target customers are e-sports players, enthusiasts and gamers. Not only them, our good for everyone mission includes making people knowledgeable about e-sports and gaming so that everyone respects it and promotes it as a career path and as a profession, as it is one of the most booming industries now and for the upcoming times.

3. When did you start this business?

We started Lost Esports in April 2020. And we are a proud and strong team increasing at significant growth.

4. Any mentionable achievements in your business till date?

We are successfully partnered up with the Esports Federation of India (ESFI) as an exclusive PES Contributor and as a Community Partner, which allows us to be recognized nationally. We have successfully partnered up with several other organization that believes in promoting e-sports like Qlan (The Gamers social media), Bharat Bass, Youthuper Media and much more. We have successfully completed several tournaments and events of different e-sports titles including Rising Stars Monsoon Series 2020 & 2021 (BGMI) and other events where we have reached people who loved the production and content we put out.

5. How does your present studies/course/college help in your business?

We at Lost Esports are a strong believer in production quality and value in our content. As in a broadcast of any event of us, we use world-class production with animation and graphics, which straight-up help me grasp and take ideas from my college course of B.Sc in Multimedia, Animation and Graphics.

6. How do you manage studies and business?

Besides being a student of iLEAD and an aspiring entrepreneur, I am also a part of a PropTech company where I serve the role of Graphics Designer. I personally think, if you desire and set an aim of doing it, no matter how you will do it. I personally want to thank all my faculty members of iLEAD for being so helpful which helps me a lot to manage my studies, my business and also my job.

7. Anything else that you would like to say related to your entrepreneurial experience?

I personally think entrepreneurship allows you to learn how to communicate, behave, manage tremendous pressure and still don’t leave a single stone unturned. I have taken interviews, did meetings with personnel much more qualified and with big brands for partnerships, and all it does beside grow your company is to learn from people with diverse groups. It teaches me cultural sensitivity and allows me to establish team cohesiveness. Moreover, it helps me to become a better human being and helps me gather real-life experience.

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