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Scope after 3D Animation Courses in India

If you love watching animated movies and shows and want to be an animator yourself, then doing a 3D animation course might be the right option. The animation industry in India is growing rapidly, so a career in animation is not a bad option. Now you must be wondering what you should do after finishing your education in 3D animation courses. Well, there are many career options for students after 3D animation courses in India. Here are some of the aspects of job opportunities as an animator in India:

Types of Job Roles As Animator

Since the popularity of animation is getting more widespread in India, it has led to many opportunities and job roles for beginner animators. So after finishing a course in Multimedia courses in Kolkata, students can pursue numerous jobs in various fields of animation. Here is a list of high salary job profiles for animators:

  • Beginner animator
  • Background artist
  • Game designer
  • Digital content creator
  • Modeler
  • Storyboard artist
  • Layout artist
  • Cartoon animator
  • Special effect artist
  • 2D animator
  • 3D animator

Job Sector/Industry for Animator:

It's needless to say that many IT sectors and entertainment and gaming industries are recruiting more and more professional 3D animators today. Here are some popular industries that are always recruiting animators.

Film industry: Film industry is one of the top places where good animators are always in demand. An animation movie requires at least 500 animators working on different projects. Movies also need animators who are specialized in creating visual effects and graphics. Yes, it's the animators who create your favorite fantasy world on a single green screen.

Advertising industry: Advertisement is a vast area of concept where animations play a significant role. This is why Animators are very much in demand in the advertising industry. Advertising agencies recruit animators to add special effects and graphics.

Gaming industry: Games are all about creative animations and graphics. If you have good animation skills and a creative mindset, becoming a gaming graphics designer is a piece of cake. Gaming companies are always hiring huge numbers of animators every day.

Digital media: Digital marketing and social media content are the new trends in this era. Many companies hire professional animators to create digital content and social media posts to promote their brands. The scope for employment is high in these industries as well.

High salary job opportunities after 3D animation courses in India:

Many high-salary job profiles are open for students after they complete their B.Sc Animation Multimedia in Kolkata. Even a beginner 2D or 3D animator can easily get 2 to 3 lakh annum package, whereas a senior animator can get up to 20 lakh annum package. Here are some of the high salary job profiles in India:

  • Game Designer
  • Digital Artist
  • Storyboard Artist
  • Cartoon Animator
  • Visual Effects Artist
  • Special Effects Artist
  • 2D/3D animator

iLEAD is Kolkata's top institute that offers undergraduate Animation Multimedia in Kolkata for students. Students can get first-hand experience creating creative animations from the industry's best animators and hone their skills in animation.

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