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New Year Resolutions Every Student Should Have

Resolutions are not compulsorily made before the New Year or on first day of the year but resolutions is something one has to make to achieve goals. One can set goals for oneself but without a resolve or a decision to act on a goal it is difficult to achieve anything in life. We recommend some resolutions to be savored by students. So gear up and achieve your dreams.
Meditation helps to improve your mood, reduces stress, lessens anxiety and even increases the brain-activity which involves muscle control, sensory perception, decision making and self-control.

Pick Up a Hobby
Hobbies can lower your stress level; boost your brain power, increases focus and more. Look for innovative hobby ideas or if you already have one then relish it. Learn a new language or new instrument and witness the changes in your life.
Read More Books
Set a daily time to read something every day. At the end of the year you would have read many books. As you read you can also write down your ideas on a separate exercise book and by the end of the year you will have a treasure trove of ideas.
Cut off Distractions and Act on Your Dreams
Remove distracting elements from life like Facebook, WhatsApp and other digital disturbances. Use these social media platforms wisely, with an aim to achieve a goal like – growth of your business, projecting an achievement to make new connections and so on. Find less distracting places to study and switch off the internet if possible.
Spend More Time with Nature
Being close to nature helps improve mood and concentration as greenery is an antidote to stress of daily life. It also makes human beings more creative, more confident, relaxed and successful. Above all improve your relationship with the world around you and yourself by changing your attitude to any problem and becoming more solution oriented.

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