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iLEAD Student Council

Service with pride. Lead with confidence. Inspire to impact.

These lines exactly fit in to describe what's known as the Students' Council of ILEAD. The Council is the elected body of student representatives who work in different departments, to facilitate the smooth functioning of the day to day activities of the institute. For ensuring effectiveness and efficiency, the council is divided into 11 departments, each guided by mentors in-charge with Heads and Assistant Heads appointed as per requirement.

Firstly comes the Department of Academics, which aims to act as a liaison between the mentors and the students, ensuring all notes are provided time to time, internal exams are conducted smoothly, and that all academic issues of the students are addressed, so that there are maximum chances for students to shine in their end semester exams. The department also organises an Intra College Media-Management Quiz - BrainBuzz. Interestingly, it's the only department with two heads - one from Media and the other, from Management, supported by one assistant head.

Next comes the Department of Discipline, which is entrusted with the steadfast job of ensuring utmost discipline in the college at all times, maintaining proper decorum during college events, and complete adherence with University and College rules and regulations by the students. The department has also recently started the Students' Feedback System, where-in all mentors mark the students on various disciplinary grounds. The department also ensures that Students wear ID card in college at all times, and deals with all disciplinary issues, as and when they arise. This department has one student head, and two assistant heads.

Thirdly, we have the most vibrant department - Cultural. The department looks after all cultural events of the college - such as Sticks n Rhythm, Prom Night, cultural units of Convocation, Orientation, Farewell and most importantly- ILEAD's Annual Day. The department ensures that talent is promoted, and nurtured under it's care and attention. Even this department has one student head, with two assistant heads.

The Seminar and Events Team is that, which manages all events of the college, smallest to biggest, by providing effective and efficient human resource, who work to make the event a success. The department also plans out events of its own, and trains junior students properly, so that they carry the legacy of execution of the events of the college in an effective way. Even this department goes with a student head, and two assistant heads.

Sports are an essential part of students' life, and the Sports department of the Council ensures that students talented in various sports get the right platform to showcase their talent, by conducting regular practices, Intra College sports competitions and hosting ILEAD's Annual Inter- College Sports' Fest - Adrenaline. This department comprises of one student head, and two assistant heads as well.

Next, we have the department of Corporate Relations, comprising of one head and one assistant head, who work on college branding and tie-ups, ensuring student internships and exploring new corporate ventures for students, so that a win-win situation arises in their corporate life. The department ensures that students have their corporate profiles ready, and get maximum opportunities in their corporate life.

The Debate department of ILEAD works to popularize and conduct debates, which help improve the speaking and self- presentation skills of students. They conduct regular debates in college, and send students to participate in various debates organized across the city. The department also ensures that the annual Jefferson Debates, organized by the college in association with the U.S Consulate is conducted perfectly, with Dialogic - the Intra college debate competition being another big event of the department.Recently, the department has also extended it's area of work to promote the cause of good writers in the college. This department is also supplemented with one head and one assistant head.

Now comes the fun-loving, Social Media department, which is entrusted to handle the social media channels of ILEAD, ensuring maximum engagements on Social Media, and adequate and effective promotion of college fests and events. The unit also tries to engage people on a daily basis by coming up with fun, quirky content which people love to like,comment upon and share.

Department of Film & Photography promotes the passion of photography and film-making in college, by providing a platform to all budding photographers to hone and express their skills. The club conducts regular competitions, workshops and activities for fulfilling the purpose. It also ensures that all college events and activities are entirely covered by student photographers. This department, yet again, operates with one head and one assistant head each.

The Alumni department works forward towards fostering a strong alumni network that helps former students remain connected, and also enthrills a spirit of successful alumni by conducting periodical Alumni Talk Sessions, looking after the publication of the bi-annual Alumni Magazine and also hosting an annual Alumni Meet, with a lot of frolic and frenzy. Regular maintenance of database is a part and parcel of the job of this department, which exists with one head and one assistant head.

The Students' Affairs department became a part of the student council team from this academic year- 2017 . This department’s objectives mainly revolve around students, their issues or grievances if any. It strives to keep the students updated with what’s going around the economy by conducting talk sessions on such topics. Also, this department began a new tradition this year- celebrating teachers day in college.

Keeping all the departments together, and being the face of the council, is the unit, which stands at the helm of it - The Core Committee. All department assistant heads report to their heads, who in turn report to the core committee. It compromises of the President, the Vice President and the Secretary. The Core Committee supervises all departments and their activities, maintains a record of the same, and bears the responsibility of leading from the front, so that major college events like the Annual Fest Managedia, are a sure-shot success. They call for regular meetings, promote inter-departmental dialogues, discuss the obstacles and issues faced by the council members and provide effective solutions, so that students reap the maximum possible benefit out of each situation. They also ensure that all efforts put in by the students are duly recognized, via allotment of credit points. They also plan excursions like offsite trips, and coordinate with the CR body, to attend to individual class problems as well.

Overall, the Council, standing as the official student union of iLEAD, exists to provide various services, striving for excellence with honesty, transparency and responsibility in its work.

-- Article written by Mehul Agarwal, an iLEADER

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