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How is BBA in entrepreneurship different from Normal BBA course?

Not many graduates in India still aim to become an entrepreneur. Instead, their intention is to grab a high paid job in one of the urban centres in the country.

India currently has over 600 million unemployed youth. Face it – It’s almost impossible for any country or Government to create these many jobs within a set limited period of time.

Let’s start with the first question – Why people do not choose entrepreneurship as a career option very often?

The answers would be that they fear the risk associated with business, they lack vision and interest to venture into any business.

Indian youth has to lean towards entrepreneurship to avoid unemployment and they need proper training to do so. For boosting entrepreneurship, not a regular management program but a specially devised entrepreneurship program is required that would make the present students future business leaders.

A BBA in entrepreneurship degree is much different than a normal BBA degree as the entrepreneurship degree has the following features that set it apart from a regular undergraduate management degree –

  • Case studies on self-made businesses
  • Businesses that can be conducted without or much less investment capital
  • Replication of successful business models
  • Identifying opportunities to set up new business by providing solutions to local problems
  • Validating business ideas
  • Registrations for different kind of business
  • Different sources of finance, financial planning, and government incentives for startups
  • Conducting market research
  • Devising marketing strategy to reach target customers
  • Advantage of E-Commerce and Cyber Security
  • Planning of logistics
  • Guerilla marketing and promotion strategies
  • How to establish process driven business
  • Implementing automation through technology
  • Ensuring high credit rating

These and many more such features form a significant part of the entrepreneurship program. It is evident from the course curriculum that it intends to arm the students with every possible business knowledge that they would require to set up a startup.

From registering their business to the entire business regulatory framework including the sources for financial help, the course has everything essential for entrepreneurs.

An entrepreneurship program also helps the students to validate their business plan and predict the market value of their business idea. This is a lot of help to the budding or aspiring entrepreneurs.

While a normal BBA program too can curve out an entrepreneur, it is more ‘management’ centric. But BBA in entrepreneurship is more ‘business’ centric.

An entrepreneurship degree will enable you to attain a vision about your business, gain more confidence, understand core business, target your customers more effectively, set your business up without much hassle, hire an effective team for your firm, organize and delegate work better, manage your investments or rather know and bring in investments in the company without all the fuss and inconvenience.

Hence, if you want to become an entrepreneurship, the BBA in entrepreneurship degree will be beneficial to you in more than countable ways. At least, it will prepare you with knowledge and sources so that you can go ahead to start your startup without any hesitation.

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