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How Can Your Social Media Presence Affect Your Career Path?

Social Media is booming with opportunities and is a key player in the job search process today. It’s a 2 way mirror where a job seeker Googling everything about the dream employer, and on the other side the potential employer look everywhere online to take in about you.


A recent study by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) found that 84% of employers recruit via social media, and 43% of employers screen job candidates through social networks and search engines.


Employers acquire the chance to peruse through a prospective candidate profile to watch key elements, for example,

How does the individual communicate with others? Does the individual spread negativity about a former employer? How does the individual’s profile represent skills, interest and experience from a workplace? Any unprofessional hobbies you could have such as using illegal substances or alcohol. Your education and work background. Your opinions about the industry. To verify the authenticity of high-profile awards and claims.

Today, social media presence isn’t just about staying aware of companions on Facebook or watching music recordings on YouTube. Prospective candidates can utilize social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn to be an extension of their applications, by appropriately posting comments and links to highlight strengths, skills and interests to give targeted companies authentic insight into their personalities.


To get started, you first need to clean up your current social media presence by:

De- tags yourself from too many party photos, alcohol, drugs, hungover and useless post. Pay attention to your online names like email address, Twitter or Instagram handles, or any other online social media usernames that are searchable on Google. These usernames are your key identifiers, so it is essential that they remain professional and politically correct. Be aware of the online privacy settings that are available and use them wisely. Remember they are a great start but there are no guarantees what employers may still get to see. Post photographs cautiously and don’t overshare. Well chosen pictures can enhance your personal profile giving employers an invaluable insight into your character. Stop complaining about your job, customer, boss or anyone from your job culture as a future potential employer might see it and decide that you're not worth hiring since you've badmouthed your employers in the past. Don’t share your latest job offers as they're sometimes confidential and your employer may see you as untrustworthy and revoke the job offer. Avoid plagiarism as it is completely unacceptable in the business world. Avoid posting offensive comments or useless comments, even if they're meant as a joke.

Once the social profiles are cleaned, remember to Google yourself to see what your online reputation looks like! Online reputation management tools like Qnary and Google’s “Me On the Web” can help you see what you look like online, and you can then use this data to reposition yourself accordingly.


Some suggestions that can professionally enhance your profiles are:

Begin a blog or join a group discussion related to your field, take an interest in sharing your Help out others by answering questions. Have a strong LinkedIn profile. iLead helps students strategically document important information required to build a strong and attractive profile to showcase achievements and build credibility. Follow your prospective companies on social media, join their online groups, and remain drawn in with their substance – all top companies have vigorous and dynamic digital presence, through which you can take in more as a prospective candidate. Post and offer substance in light of your interests and effect. Regardless of whether it is articles you relate to or have composed music you tune in to or instruments you play, your fine art, photographs or recordings of your triumphant brandishing occasions or of you going to live exhibitions. Ensure that you cover all leadership and community benefit interests and exercises. Modify your privacy settings to share content that is appropriate for a particular audience such as family and friends. Update your profile picture that is simple yet professional. Avoid using inappropriate photos. Ensure the information posted on your profile is complete, reliable and convenient in light of the fact that mistaken data that is not quite the same as your resume can be considered as a warning for your profession. Work on building a strong network, associate with people who you may know and connect with employers and take the initiative to ask questions about the company. Ask them about information about a specific job position, such a curiosity and interest is considered as a positive point in the employer’s book. Appropriate use of spelling and grammar. Share and retweet articles posted by employers on your Facebook page, this action will work as an advantage, as your name will sound familiar to the employer when he/she is going through resumes. Your resume might be given a second glance.

Remember that you can utilize social networking to further showcase your personality, interests, effect and accomplishments past your scholastic ability and the substance of your application shape. While your interview does not rely on upon this, there is no conceivable motivation behind why your social media presence shouldn't impress an recruitment officer that is taking an inquisitive sneak look into a prospective employee!


Taking everything into account, the mantra is to always know about your environment. Since an inexhaustible measure of organizations has driven towards contracting and surveying applicants with the assistance of social media, it's your obligation to search for circumstances. For example, nowadays' employers post openings for work through their social networking account before updating the available positions on the company’s website. In this way, staying quiet and imperceptible on the web may work at your drawback regardless of the possibility that you have applied to various openings. Be confident, have a positive personality and submit towards increasing your network and visibility on social network accounts.

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