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Gourav Rath from DigiChamps: Story of an Inspirer

Some stories are fun to read. Some stories make us think. But the best are those that inspire us. Inspiration is largely an art that only a handful of the human population is adept at doing. After all, beating aside the daily stress and balancing life with all its drudgeries and boredom, yet keeping that motivation and will power intact is not really child’s play!

Meet Gourav Rath, an ex-iLEADER who has presently changed the very way of learning in the present era. He’s the Senior Project Associate of ‘DigiChamps’, a first-of-its-kind EdTech start-up that’s based out of Eastern India. Gourav has been exemplary in beginning with a new concept of learning. Unlike the old-school methods of studying, the aim behind starting this ‘Funducation’ is acquainting students with a hands-on approach when it comes to quality education. Here, they get first-hand knowledge of things as the lessons combine state-of-the-art teaching methodologies and advanced technologies. No wonder, the interest level is increased by several notches. Going by the tagline ‘Learners Beyond Classrooms’, Gourav and his team at ‘DigiChamps’ ensures they spend endless hours on every project concerned. From experts shooting videos for hours at a stretch to the web team infusing the necessary elements of teaching, animation and graphics; the finally edited video is then uploaded as learning material.

This goal of creating an online schooling experience was however not really there from the beginning. Gourav moved back to his native place at Bhubaneswar after becoming a graduate from iLEAD, a premier Media and Management institute at Kolkata, West Bengal. He continued with online blogging and content writing at a firm called Content Hub. But a fatal accident confined him to the bed for 8 months! Destiny however, had different plans for him. And look at him now. Gourav literally thanks the truck driver who was the cause behind his accident that led him to implement a roundabout change in his life and career, in particular. Isn’t this a hallmark of a genius?


Following Gourav’s path is another former Media student of iLEAD, Maaz Azam. He is currently the Chief Business Officer at DigiChamps. The Institute of Leadership, Entrepreneurship & Development certainly stands the main reason how these ex-students have made it so big in their lives and that too in their primes. In fact, they act as role models to all those who believe in the power of innovation and supreme will power.

An impressive trait of an inspirer is extracting the optimistic part out of any negativity. Gourav as we see stands true to it. He has taken all setbacks, financial issues and technical glitches as learning experiences and we can’t help but be in awe of him! Let’s salute this iLEADER who not only inspires his fellow colleagues and juniors but many others. We wish him good luck for his endeavours.

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