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Going Beyond Corporate Culture Myths

There is a famous saying by Mr. Richard Branson of Virgin Group which shatters corporate cultural myths in the organizational environment. He very logically said that-

Train people well enough so they can leave and treat them well enough so they do not want to.

For several decades, researchers in Organizational culture have been stating the fact that company has no distinct culture. The company management is wrongly applying the word culture to a group of people who behave in a certain way as their professional lives are controlled by the top management of the office. This doesn’t prove that the company has a culture. It can be only said that a company has a CEO and a leadership team which has a particular view of making the organization and its employee behave.  Employee just shows up and goes along with the flow. The salary earned by an employee from an organization is also done through his own work credit. Employee quits when he doesn’t like the vibe of the working environment. Corporate culture examples are numerous but nothing is as important as the free flow of work done by the employee in a relaxed state of mind.

What really defines an organization culture and whether it really exists or not?

 stock-photo-organizational-culture-in-word-cloud-125134910Corporate culture definition encompasses several areas of Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Management. From real life perspectives, culture is an issue of talking when the product and service of a company is not remarkable.  Companies pay employees in culture when they can’t pay them in financial terms. Hiring for fit is also a lie in the corporate world as most of the people do not know how to hire someone for their organization.  That is why they get zero in likeability and gut level bullshit which cannot be measured by good folks. It is really very difficult to measure human capital decisions. The concept of fit employee is nonsense as it’s hard to measure in an employee the skills of personality, likeability and trustworthiness. Hiring a fit is a lie which we tell ourselves as we do not know how to weigh competency and character.  The worst thing for hiring fit is creation of a biased working environment.  Human resource professionals of today are operating in the intersection point of culture and fit without wishing that he will meet a dead end. Whenever we talk about culture and  fit from organizational perspectives in an employer we sound like a tool and not a human being.

Human resource captains of the industry have always an obligation and cultural myths working inside their mind regarding group thinking and homogenous employee hiring methods. There should always be an obligation to ensure that the best ideas are only heard and the best employee moves forward in the organization.  Whenever employees do not do their jobs and question about culture and fitness a corporate massacre happens.  Evidence based decisions helps the human resource administration wing of an organization to go beyond the orthodox corporate culture myths.  People working in the top management of the organizations are always afraid of the hard truths behind the mechanical world of work.  Human resource managers should stop lying to themselves and their employees.  This is definitely the strongest way to create quality examples of organizational culture and fix the reputation of human resource department. This will help all the recruiters to move beyond corporate culture myth to create a challenging and productive working environment.

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