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Fitness – Your First Step towards a Better Self

When you are not even close to where you want to see yourself in life and have hit rock bottom it is time to understand that you need to take control of your life and become the best version of yourself. Motivation legend Tony Robbins once said, “Progress makes people happy” and you need to understand that progressing towards the best version of yourself is an uphill task which will require effort and hard work.

But amidst all the self-development journeys you will be embarking on physical and mental fitness will be the two core areas which will have to be built without compromise.We browsed tons of videos and articles and interviewed fitness experts face to face.

Self-development with the aim of physical and mental fitness is not an easy task. Some of the things we noticed:

A rough weather or climate often destroys your attire and looks and if you are nervous and weak you will find yourself in situations during communications with the public or another person a difficult task. It is important that you make a schedule for your physical and mental fitness.


Try meditation and yoga. Execute your schedule into reality.  Abstain from distractions. If you are reading this, you are well aware of all modern day distractions ranging from alcohol to overload of social media.  The tropical Indian climate with its spells of humidity and monsoons will make you feel drowsy and low on stamina demotivating you from workouts, so be wary of that. It is important to double the willpower to hit the gym; go for jogging sessions in parks and having the right food.

You will be time tested every hour and every day with temptations to consume food which will ruin your fitness. Wrong food habits destroy health. Remember food affects thinking patterns, so the impact on mind is not an exception. You can resume having them or you can choose the other road to development. Save and invest on self-development, physical and mental fitness. Don’t squander or splurge money or time in things you do not need to reach your ambitions in life.  It’s sad to even say this, on your path to development, naysayers and critics will contribute zilch to your development. It is up to you in this scenario to take action, stand up for yourself, not care about the world and move ahead. All of these people 10 years from now will fade from your life, the results of your efforts you put into your physical and mental development will stay.

For mental fitness we recommend you Soft Skill courses and learn Personal Grooming, Public Speaking, Meditation and Group Discussion.

Soft skills and overall personality development is of utmost important to the individual’s progress. More and more young people are falling in the trap of depression and wasting their lives. Fitness and personality development is a wakeup call for everyone.”  - Pradip Chopra, iLEAD Chairman

A holistic physical and mental development is very much important for anyone looking into the development of the self. For physical fitness, the sooner you start exercising and working out, the better it is, but then again it is never too late and there’s no age limit for hitting the gym.  Everyone, from student to a working professional or an aged citizen wants to reap the benefits of being healthy which can only be achieved with discipline and focus.

In today’s generation I’ve noticed that people are more into gadgets. They keep searching for fancy fitness workouts for their own lifestyle transformation without knowing the basics of Exercise Science. They are unaware of their physical ability to adapt the same at our climatic conditions and nutrition resources. My advice to everyone is to join a Fitness Gym/Studio to create a Solid Basic Foundation through a certified fitness trainer for a better day to day lifestyle.” – Subrata Das, Head, I Feel Fitness, iLEAD

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