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Exercise and Workout Your Way to the Better Self

Fitness and exercise is the elixir of life and the best gift that you can give yourself.  Exercise helps you to activate the mind and body. It keeps you focused on progress.

IMG_9890Most people hit the gym to get the perfect body type they desire and impress the world around them but the basic goal of working out is to be fit.  With the current trends of food habits and escalating pollution levels risk of heart diseases and other physical ailments are high.

Exercise reduces the risk and helps the individual to have a high metabolism too. Exercise helps you to control sleep disorders and keeps you fresh and happy throughout the day. Nobody wants a bad day due to sleep disorders and apart from taking medicines for severe conditions; exercise is the precautionary act which is most likely to prevent the disorder in the first place. Exercise also helps you to build memory and self-confidence which is a pre-requisite for social interactions, networking and communication.

Here’s a video by Aesthetic Physiques on the Benefits of Working Out

We met Subrata Das, the head of I Feel Fitness, a former national champion in rowing who also has ten plus years of experience in the hospitality sector as a Health Club Manager & Fitness Specialist. He is a Global Certified Health Club Manager, experienced with high initiative to his career accomplishment with Unitech, ITC, Novotel (O2 Spa), Park Plaza (Ritz Carlton). Other fitness instructors at I Feel Fitness are Shamid Mollick (CFT & NIFS Certified), PiyaliDolui (CFT & NIFS Certified), and Md. Sailok Hossain (CFT Certified).

Q&A with Subrata Das:
  1. What is your fitness mantra for today’s generation?

IMG_9882In today’s generation people are more into gadgets. They keep searching for fancy fitness workouts for their own lifestyle transformations without knowing the basics of Exercise Science. They do not question how their physical ability would adapt the same in our climate and available nutrition resources. My advice to everyone is to join a Gym/ Fitness Studio and create a solid basic foundation through a certified fitness trainer for a better day to day lifestyle.

  1. How would you recommend anyone to start the process and progress towards their fitness goals?

At first one should identify their necessity and requirement for being fit. Secondly they should get a medical clearance from a doctor to begin the workouts. They should be mentally and physically positive for a disciplined routine, because without following a disciplined routine or lifestyle, one would not be able to achieve their goals. Also please look for a proper fitness center which has the basic equipment and certified trainers.

  1. What type of food do you think students and working professionals should avoid?

Both students and working professionals should avoid fast food and processed food and focus more on clean nutritional diet.

  1. For how many hours should one workout in a day?

For an average individual, 40 minutesto 50 minutes a day would be ideal to get positive results.

  1. What are the different types of training I Feel Fitness offers and what are their goals?

Here at I Feel Fitness we are specialized to provide complete Fitness, Flexibility Training, Postural Correction Training to have a well-balanced functional movement, Hypertrophy Training, Weight Management Training, Strength Training and Wellness.

It is also important to exercise from the beginning with correct techniques and posture.  Do not rush into a competition of weight lifting and muscle building with peers.

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