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A Free Advice on Saving Your Big Asset – Time

An Era of Distractions

Storage devices and communication devices have evolved and this evolution is an ongoing process that cannot be ignored. Be it telephones or television everything has been reduced to smart access in our fingertips. But with this, an era of distractions has dawned on us with false dreams and loose foundations which can be withstood only by the fittest, smartest and most focused.

Are You Wasting Time, Your Greatest Asset?

Time-is-so-costly-300x252If today you want to work on your own enterprise apart from having a 9-5 job it is important for you to write down your goals.  This stage is called “Capturing the Vision On Paper”. I will be a little bit of a humbug and tell you that whatever content you are digesting through the internet evaporates and it is easy to get distracted. In a world where everyone is competing for a fan following it is easy to get distracted into bits and pieces of content and be overloaded with information. What happens to this information? Do you apply them all and do they last? Let’s say you follow 20 YouTube channels and within three months you are getting annoyed by notifications from 15 of them and you narrow down your interests to 3 channels and then none.  This happens due to one thing – Shift of Focus. A shift in focus works like a virus spreading its empire across your mind and eventually leading to nothing.  What you think as interesting content in reality is a business model for the content maker. If you are making the best of it, good enough, if not, you are wasting one of your greatest assets – Time.  This asset once gone never comes back. At the end of the day a tangible, measurable progress will make you happy,  not dreams, not failure to achieve them and not returning back to square 1.

Resets, Odd Hours, Cluelessness  

When you wake up in the morning or reach office, how much can you remember about your long terms goals? Can you differentiate between what’s urgent and what’s important? If your answer to this is no – then there’s one simple solution – Have a Schedule or To Do List and try to stick to it. The truth is, people or events will not let you do so, so you have to either improvise or accept defeat. If you choose the latter, depression will set in and everyone today with increasing rates of suicides now know how deep that rabbit hole goes.  So even if you are in the midst of phone calls and urgencies, a To Do List will be like Ten Commandments or a sailor’s map steering you into the right direction.

Do not let Smart Devices Outsmart You

What are your expectations from the latest Android or IoS platforms? Do you need them to make calls?  Messenger Audio, WhatsApp Video and Audio Calls are all there to save time. There’s no requirement to make calls unless absolutely necessary. Texts are backdated, so are emoji, at least if you are serious with something or someone. Use texts if that fits, but phone calls and audio messages are always better in saving your time.  The internet is always on a play mode, a pop up can lead you to hours of distractions in a colorful world where you will get updates about everyone else’s life while your own life is suffering a loss.   You will be so much lured into this addiction that everything else will seem unimportant. At the end of a two month period, monitor your progress and see how much time you spent, doing absolutely nothing productive. Sleep could have been beneficial compared to time wasted online.

Integrate Your Resources, Take A Calculated Risk, Execute

You see your boss coming in a Bentley or a landing at the office rooftop in a helipad but the sad truth is you do not have it. To have that you need to strive or work towards it. But when you start counting your own resources and your own blessings compared to the headaches and problems your boss faces you may happily want to choose to be content in your own blissful life. No amount of rants or complaints will help you achieve your desires and if you want to have something you need to take the risk with something to fall back on. Taking risks with limited capital and nothing to fall back on is a modern age stupidity of many young entrepreneurs who are failing every day in huge numbers.  Count your resources to solve problems. Ignoring your own resources to get yourself to the top is again a waste of time.

Saw Dust

Set one big goal. Move towards execution. There will be obstacles and you will be overcoming them if you have a strong desire to achieve the goal. In the process you will learn many things. Write them down and share it with the world. Maybe one day you can make money by sharing your strategies. Just like saw dust in a carpentry workshop can be accumulated to make sellable wooden toys, so can be your learnings during the process of achieving goals.

With every obstacle, there will hide an opportunity which you need to identify or you will start to move blindly landing back to same zones again and again.

Boredom, Zero Networking and Lack of Human Connect = Dead Life

VR, Augmented Reality and AI have started creating a simulated world of consumers. All of this is leading to instant gratifications. On one hand this is opening new industries but on the other hand it is making the human mind and body lazier by the day. If no amount of real effort is going into achieving the goals and your brain is getting drenched with “Dopamine” or “Happy Hormone” then the results can be catastrophic leading to physical and mental disorders like depression and weakness.  A digital overdose to the brain never results in happiness. This we can tell from experience. So choose the amount of time on the digital world only for work, for networking and very carefully.

Emergency Mode and Automation Mode

The human brain and body is designed in a way that it will do everything required to survive. The “needs” are met but to get what you “want”, you need to turn the “want” into “need”.  Our brains stay active for a period of 12-18 Hours on an average human beings spend minimum of 20 years of their lives sleeping from their 60-70-80 years of lifespan. The time awake is spent more on ideation, daydreams, plans, internet, television, movies and much less on execution.  Until and unless the brain enters the Emergency mode which is the “basic need for survival mode” when feeling hungry or sleepy, for the goals it wants to achieve, the game of life will become more difficult with competition, population and inflation on the rise.  A wise man will rather increase his purchasing potential and assets than saving money for his luxuries.  A wiser man will use the same assets for benefits of the world, to solve global or national crisis knowing that his years on the planet are limited. His brain has already entered Emergency Mode from Automation with a To Do List for each day. Time flies.

Continue Like a Tree or Wither Like Grass

A vital key to saving time and achieving almost anything in life is continuity in whatever a person is doing. One of today’s biggest crisis is the few privileged percentages of the society are doing things even after their 30’s just to experiment, or make fast money. Little do they know the importance of mastery and with a growing age it gets more and more difficult.  The early 20’s should ideally be spent on the collection of data, experiences and a research about the industry. New industries come up and many existing industries either evolve or die. A person should prioritize his/her list of missions or goals in life and work towards that irrespective of the industry changes and keep evolving and growing like a tree spreading his/her branches or latent superpowers and secondary goals in all directions, yet being grounded to his/her roots and talents. This will help him/her to track the progress, meet deadlines and continue towards taking the goal to greater heights till the end of life.

With the legacy established, with the dreams achieved, with mastery and purpose overriding the storms of life, what more can a person ask for?

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