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6 Reasons to Study Digital Marketing in the Present Era

Digital Marketing is a diverse field in today’s time. It is a career option that lets you explore both your creative and technical potentials. Let’s say on one hand you write an ad copy for your social media and on the other hand you are responsible to check the analytics to measure its reach as well. The program of BBA in Digital Marketing in Kolkata at iLEAD is a comprehensive course that will give you hands on practical knowhow about implementation of digital marketing.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is the process through which a product or service is promoted on internet via different platforms. The platforms include social media, content creation, emails, search engines and more. The main goals are to create an image of the product or service, engage audience and generate leads.

What are the Career Options in Digital Marketing?

  • SEO Expert – Supposedly you post an informative blog or article on your website about a product that you want to sell. However, it is important for the potential customers to find that article and come across it while searching for the same. This is where SEO or Search Engine Optimization comes into play. An SEO expert selects the keywords with best purchase intent and optimizes the content of your website in a way that it is easily found on the search engine.
  • Search Engine Marketing – Every business wants better and more visibility. Search Engine Marketing or SEM helps the website of a business gain better visibility on the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) through paid advertising. For this, one needs to know how ad auction in Google ads works. Also one needs to learn how to run a google ad campaign which includes of ad groups, keywords, ad copy and determining the cost of the campaign.
  • Social Media Manager – Social Media platforms namely Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin etc have become great place to make people aware of a product or service and even generate leads. Facebook alone has 2 billion users monthly. A social media manager makes use of his creativity and creates content that can help to strike a chord with the target audience or to make a post go viral. This has become an intrinsic part of marketing now.
  • Content Creation – A blog, vlog, ad, video on a website, portal or YouTube fall under content creation. While creating written content, a content writer must have the ability to include given keywords in the right manner into the content to help the SEO process. Even a YouTube video has to be posted keeping all SEO guidelines in mind. Content Management Systems or CMS like Wordpress also helps at times in determining how SEO friendly content is.
  • Email Marketing – Email Marketing is an important tool for lead generation. From creating content for emails to increasing subscriptions and then transforming those subscriptions into purchases is the real challenge.

Why You Should Study Digital Marketing?

1. Ever Evolving Field – The Digital Marketing scenario is an ever-evolving place. The strategies that were effective 5 years ago are no longer effective now. This field will allow you to upgrade yourself quite regularly and this also opens newer avenues to learn and never get bored.

2. Growing Demand –Every business, be it small or big, now needs to have an online presence. Hence, the scope and growth of digital marketing is unstoppable. Over 69% of the businesses now have online presence and this makes Digital Marketing an ever-growing field. The career scope in digital marketing will be $160 billion in India by the year of 2025.

3. Opportunities for Entrepreneurship– Digital Marketing give you the opportunity to start your own business at the lowest cost possible provided you know the tricks of the trade. With a BBA in Digital Marketing in Kolkatafrom iLEAD, you can surely be more confident about becoming an entrepreneur. At iLEAD, we provide students opportunity to learn digital marketing through paid work and earn practical experience during the tenure of their course.

4. Work from Home Opportunities – If you want to work from home, digital marketing is the best career option. It is a recession cum pandemic proof career as well.

5. Satisfactory –Digital Marketing is an amalgamation of both creativity and technical knowledge. It will give you great satisfaction in terms of both creativity and technical implementation. It’s an exciting job of creating and delivering.

6. Great Pay–As per the current market scenario, a digital marketing professional as per his experience and job profile can earn anything in between Rs 5 to 10 lakhs. This is a lucrative career option for the youth. Hence, if you are looking for a digital marketing course in Kolkata, check out the degree course of BBA in Digital Marketing course at iLEAD under MAKAUT.

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