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5 Reasons Why Self-Learning Is Important for New Generation

Self learning has become an important criterion for employers. One of the qualities that recruiters seek in prospective employees nowadays is whether they are self learners. The simple questions are about your interests and how do you upgrade your skills in that? Did you up skill yourself in the last few years? If yes, then how did you do that? Job profiles that need creative or multi-tasking qualities, recruiters especially look for self learning initiatives for those job profiles.

A self learner is thought to have five major qualities.

  1. Organized
  2. Disciplined
  3. Attitude of learning
  4. Not resistant to change
  5. Multi-Tasker

So up skilling you through self learning are always appreciated by employers in today’s age. Here are 5 reasons why self learning is important for this generation students.

Being a learner always helps – Learning helps in the development of a person. Once you stop learning, your imagination of possibilities also faces a halt. However, a person who is a learner is able to keep up with the changes around and understands the needs of the everchanging world. In such scenario, being a learner will help you to adapt with changes and not push you towards resistance.

Upskilling is needed – In any job in today’s date, upskilling is essential. Not only for promotions but also to maintain good performance, upskilling is extremely necessary and demanded by many organisations. The will to upskill yourself while studying or working presents you as a determined, disciplined and organised person who is willing to learn more and apply the same in his work.

Helps to do multiple jobs – Supposedly you work as a marketing executive in a corporate office, however, editing pictures or videos are your passion. You can get into a short-term Film Making Course Kolkata for the same and upskill yourself. This skill may later not only help you in your marketing projects but also help you in becoming a digital content creator on the social media and enjoy another part-time career in life. Pursuing your passion becomes easier this way.

Adds value to credentials – Self learning adds value to your credentials. It gives the impression to recruiters that you are serious about knowing more and learning more. Students are now encouraged a lot to enroll in certification courses too along with studying for their regular degree programs. This makes you an in demand multi-tasker.

Makes You More Productive – Self learning provides you with knowledge of things that interests you. Whether it is a foreign language or a creative or technical skill like Best Film Making Course Kolkata – Acquiring a new skill always boosts your confidence and makes you more productive. So choose your area of interest, find your passion and up skill yourself or learn a new skill to either to get an advantageous position in your job or to have a parallel career. In short, whatever is your interest, self learning will always help you to evolve and thrive towards your career goals and objectives.

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