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Why Reading is Good For You!

The ability to read does not always spark the habit of reading. Reading requires time and most people can spare at least one hour a day to read. Anyone who reads has an advantage over a person who does not/cannot read. In order to grow a habit of reading one must develop a “why” mindset of reading – why am I reading this? It can be for the purpose of entertainment, information, study, inspiration etc. The habit to read is always stirred by the reason to read. While reading some of the stumbling blocks are understanding vocabulary, understanding the author’s thought, reader’s energy, reader’s attention span and availability of reader’s time. This varies from person to person but most successful people around the world attribute their success story to the habit of reading. Above everything else reading also helps to you to gain wisdom of great thinkers and successful individuals, thereby saving you years of effort in life.   Having said that reading, unlike watching videos gives a person the time to pause, think and process the information written.   We recommend some solutions to overcome reading problems like:   Vocabulary: You may want to keep a pencil/pen and underline the words you did not understand. Later you can list the words and refer to a dictionary or do the same while reading.   Time: Allocate 1-2 hours every day or at least 30 minutes for the purpose of reading.   Cause: Understand why you are reading the book. A reading without any purpose of entertainment, inspiration, joy, information, study etc may become an exercise in futility. You should have a goal in mind first.   Speed: This really does not matter as long as you are comfortable in deriving enjoyment from the reading or if you do not have a deadline to meet.   Understanding the author: Styles of writing vary. What an author wrote hundred and fifty years back will be very different from a modern day author in terms of writing style. One must understand the author’s background.   Energy and Attention Span: If you read while you are feeling sleepy, what you read will be less comprehensible. It is always wise to choose a time of the day when your mind is completely active.   Quantity Vs Quality: Books and friends should be well chosen. What you read and who you communicate with, shapes your personality, it is always recommended that you choose books which can, in some way or the other, contribute to your life. It is far better than having thousands of books in your collection which you never read or read just to pass time.   You can also contribute books to iLEAD Street Library.

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