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While The World Celebrates

This one’s for the entrepreneurs and the visionaries who do not believe in the mantra of work hard and party harder but mark their achievements with new goal settings and celebrate the little achievements of team members. While the world sleeps after hard work or long dreary days and some party on occasions and celebrations be it on Diwali or Christmas there are some visionaries and legends who are constantly on the go for new ideas and tracking their progress towards their long terms visions.

For instance at the end of 2016, Mark Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg, hosted a meeting where they spoke about the achievements of the year gone by and plan for the year ahead. One should always have a blueprint or design of “what’s next” to understand where one is headed.

I went to a Self Development Workshop in Bangalore recently which was organized by Kartika Nair and towards the end one of the major parts of the workshop was based on “Goal Setting”. A major thing I noticed later was that Kartika celebrates the end and beginning of the year with her dearest ones in a goal setting ceremony. Apart from the positivity and the spiritual aspects of such sessions what we must learn is without a map or destination, sailing is pointless.

The illusion of dancing, prancing and enjoyment fades away with time and people without goals end up complaining about their lives. As they grow old a dominant emotion in their talks (those who have not been serious with their life goals is regret and the emotion is scary enough to make any young person proactive towards their life goals instantly. We hope you don’t have to face such situations)

Some of the key questions and strategies while setting a goal are:

1) What are my superpowers? How can I make money through them? Will it be beneficial for others? If not then what skills can I acquire for benefit of others which will help me earn money too?

2) What are my long term goals/visions? What are the short term goals and deadlines leading up to the long term vision?

3) What are the big and small obstacles I am facing while achieving my daily goals? How can I overcome them?

Three Tips:

Surround yourself with people, networking with people and have friends who will help you in your journey and start avoiding the ones who have a “loser approach” to life.

Read books and watch videos which will inspire you, in other words the brain should be fed with content which are helpful and not toxic.

Track your progress daily and plan the next day/week ahead

It is your total and complete responsibility to be serious with your life before it’s too late and in an era of rising pollution, impending wars and already devastated economies and inflation – depression and suicides are on the rise. In the future if you want to make a change and be a leader in your industry note the following words carefully:

Progress makes people happy and the first step is to Set Goals.

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