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Survive Content Desensitization

Everyday there are hundreds of posts online that a person is being bombarded with. Ranging from news to ads about product that promise to better your life, there’s no end to it. Our world today has too much Social Media and digitization and a popular belief seems to be that people who are not jumping on the wagon are lagging behind in life. But the internet and daily dose of television, ads and newspaper is not proving to be beneficial for many. This is mainly due to a phenomenon which I call “Content Desensitization.”


With the increase in the use of smart phones, today the world is stuck in notifications, chats, apps and content binge. Everything is in a play mode, everyone is trying to come up with more and more content, more and more theories etc. This applies for everything ranging from entertainment industry to news to motivation. What matters to an individual is tangible end results of an action inspired from inspiring content but if there’s so much content out there with less and less credibility and missing parts, it becomes difficult to choose.

The reader with access to the modern day tools keeps swimming in the world of content. Swimming cannot be learnt by reading books on swimming, similarly every content or infotainment you see on the media will help you to some extent only. The major part of the learning actually happens when people go out into the world and realize the pros and cons of an activity, a pursuit or anything for that matter.

All the instant gratifications on the internet and the world of media helps the human brain drench in happy hormones and in a world where everyone is moving towards achieving a form of happiness this phenomenon is highly addictive. With too much content, too many people doing the similar things the mind loses its hold on the reward system or happiness it achieves after succeeding in something. This cannot be emphasized with examples or debates but those who still complain about their life’s situation when all day long they are being subject to a desensitizing world, need a reality check.

toomuchinfoblogpstThe reality check is the effort to detach the mind from thousands of thousands of information flowing daily that’s making the brain habituated and addicted to certain patterns be it news feeds on social media or watching movies on an app. As a creator in such a world, absence from the hustle or the scene or creating similar things like everyone else will not help you make a mark.

Why do you think you remember movies starring Aamir Khan or movies directed by Rajkumar Hirani so much more than any other movie? These content creators are masters of patience and create content of such high quality that it remains etched in the memory. There are hundreds of more examples.

Our plea to the readers would be to take time and reflect and not get lost in the world of instant gratifications. It is important to put effort into your pursuits in the real world first. Work is the only great variable that will reward you with happiness unlike instant gratifications and loads of new age content which will fail to provide you with purpose and actual results. Such is the case today, so take a while and choose well.

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