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iLEAD’s Street Library Movement

Rated 4th best media college in India, iLEAD already hosts the city’s most sought after library after British Council, National Library and Rama Krishna Mission Library and it has now started it’s very own Street Libraries across the town. These libraries welcome you to take books home and bring them back when finished.   The libraries are located in: 1. MAKAUT, Salt Lake 2. iLEAD 3. Park Circus 4. Tiljala Shed, Topsia 5. PS Srijan Park 6. Bichinta Welfare, Selimpore, Dhakuria 7. Vidyanjali International School, Bhowanipore 8. Bichinta Welfare, Newtown   Street library is an open platform for knowledge sharing. This is also a place where social communities can interact with each other on various kinds of issues and arrive at a common decision. They function as a major mass communication channel where people can share and communicate ideas, news, views, and issues just like they do in a public forum.   "A room without books is like a body without a soul." - Marcus Tullius Cicero   Bengalis have always believed in this saying and for centuries every middle class and elite Bengali house h300either a library or shelves or rooms full of books. The taste in reading and books varies between person to person but for every occasion books have been one of the best gifts that Bengalis give each other.   Street Library   Kolkata is a city of book lovers and since generations every household has books which are priceless for its owners. Once bought for the purpose of leisure or education these books become part of their owner’s life. But many of them do not know how to maintain or manage the increasing piles of old or unwanted books and the enormous spaces they occupy in the houses, these books become a burden and other members in the house object to it. Also, children books after the children have grown up have no use. The same applies to text books which are of no use when the students are promoted to the next class. However, these books can be cherished by people, students and book lovers who don’t have access to such books because they can’t afford or find them. Street libraries make all types of books available to those who want to read these books from people who do not need them as they have already read them or the readers in their homes have no reason to read them. Making the best use of read or unwanted books in the house is to donate them to street libraries for the benefit of those who want to read, explore and study them.   Street libraries have no recurring expense as well as they are on the streets, so there is no rent and as no librarian supervision is required, therefore there is no need of monthly salary pay out. Also, it uses constant supply of old books from the users of these libraries so there is no cost involved for books. The primary aim of the street libraries is to encourage people to read by ensuring availability of books in the most hassle-free way. The street libraries are a book lover’s paradise, a community where book lovers meet and exchange books and ideas. Extremely cost effective and without any need for manpower the libraries are a boon for the city as they recycle books in the best possible way.

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