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How to Stay Ultra Inspired: What Robin Sharma Says

In our fast paced and distracting world many lose the power to focus on their goals. It is vital that you stay ultra inspired on a daily basis to execute your plans into action. Everywhere you look around and any iconic individual you come across will have the energy driven by inspiration. Robin Sharma says, “massive levels of energy born of inspiration” is required to be the leader in your field. If you look at any inspirational figure from History – Thomas Edison, Pablo Picasso, Da Vinci  they were all fuelled by intense purpose and inspiration.   He suggests some of the best ways to protect inspiration

The Power of Circulation

Getting out there and walking around, getting into the zone of your inspiration and work is itself powerful enough. You can move around the world, travel, meet people and experience cultures. Even if you move around your city itself you would be inspired by meeting people from various backgrounds. Something as trivial as reading a fashion magazine in a hotel room itself can give you inspiration; ideas can come from thin air.


A daily nature walk and immersing yourself in nature can get you connected with the earth.  Miracles can happen if you try walking bare feet in the nature once a day or once a week.

Sunset Rituals

Watching a sunset will help you be grateful towards life and nature itself. The bias in your brain for negativity gets erased once you spend some time in solitude watching a sunset.

Connect with Loved Ones

According to Robin Sharma, Family is perhaps one of the single most important thing in life and this wisdom comes later in life so why not have it now itself? With your family you can become a ‘perfect moment creator.’    What’s important are experiences and not things. This will help you go the extra mile and be the best in whatever you do.

‘I am 25’ Practice

Maintain a journal with I am _______________ in order to whatever you want to become. For instance I am happier x25 times (write this 25 times), I am more prosperous x 25 times. Do this on a regular basis, it will help you create a blue print in your mind and this will become your state of being.

So what are you waiting for? Get set, go!

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