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Health’s Kitchen is Here

Seasons are changing drastically and people are falling sick due to adverse weather conditions. Added to ill health, news of impure food items in the marketplace has created fear among the people. Living healthier and longer and experiencing enticing and tasty food at the same time is a next to impossible combination. But there is good news. iLEAD TV’s Health’s Kitchen with increasing viewers every week is a must watch for all foodies. In each episode of the show, Chef Simon takes you through a culinary journey. You will know how to prepare exquisite recipes at home using the most easily accessible ingredients from the market.   Some of the episodes show you how to prepare dishes like Crispy Sprouts with Chaat, drinks like Orange and Cucumber Detox and even Low Calories Vegetabe Vada. Through Health’s Kitchen you will also learn, how to prepare the recipes in the most easy to comprehend way. The videos also have exhaustive ingredient list and well explained preparation methods.   Our personal favourites from the episodes shown: Apple Cookies:   Apple Cookies without sugar or milk is not only an advantage for your health but also a treat for your taste buds. Prepared with Apple, Peanut Butter, Choco Chips, Almonds, Walnut and Freshly Grated Coconut, Apple Cookies are a must have for all foodies.   Orange & Cucumber Detox:   In this episode we had beaten the blazing summer heat with a sip of Orange and Cucumber Detox. Easy to prepare with only chilled mineral water, orange, cucumber and fresh mint leaves this drink is a must have and a refreshing delight.   Low Calorie Vegetable Vada:   In the search for a delicious solution to lose weight we learnt how to make the Low Fat and Low Calories Vegetable Vada. Check out this Health’s Kitchen episode to know how to prepare this sought after dish.     Check the upcoming episodes of Health’s Kitchen to know about more recipes that helps you stay healthy and live longer.   Log on to Our Online Channel: iLEAD TV Follow Us on Facebook: iLEAD TV

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