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Folk Music of India

India, the land of cultural extravaganza has special kind of music that carries the tradition of folk culture; the grassroots culture of masses. The realm of traditional folk music in India is very large and is spread throughout the country.
North India
Kashmiri folk song includes a group culture named Chhakri, it is sung to the accompaniment of traditional earthen pot named Noot. Basanti or Basant Geet welcomes the spring season in Garhwali in a unique manner. Laman is sung in Kullu valley. Uttar Pradesh has a rich culture of folk songs. Rasiya Geet and Hori are sung in Braj praising Lord Krishna and Radha whereas Alha tells the story of feudal chivalry. Punjab reflects its culture through Tappa, a semi classical vocal music inspired by the camel riders.

Pakhida is the song of peasants in Rajasthan. Lotia and Teej are the other folk songs sung in Rajasthan. The theme of Teej songs revolve around the union of Lord Shiva and Parvati. Barot, Charan and Gadhvi are the traditional Gujarati folk music that accompanies Garba, Dandiya Raas etc. Powada is a traditional folk art from Maharashtra which narrates the stories of glorious time. Goan folk Mando is a treasury of the traditional music of the Indian subcontinent that deals with love, tragedy and social injustice.
Folk Music in South India
Pandavani is the tales from Mahabharata are sung as a ballad in Chattisgarh. The main singer sings the songs sitting at a fixed gesture articulating his voice filled with powerful notes. Burra katha is a highly dramatic form of a ballad that is sung in Andhra Pradesh. The popular folk music of Tamilnadu is Villu Pattu where the singer single handedly dominates the role of singer and instrumentalist.
Eastern India and Its Folk Music
Daskathia is a form of ballad in Odhisa that derived its name from unique musical instrument called kathi. Bhojpuri folk songs from Bihar portray a live picture of common folks. Bihu Geets are most distinctive type of folk songs of Assam. Manipur praises God through their folk song Lai Haraoba. Bengal has a rich and traditional culture of folk for ancient era. Bhatiyali, Bhaoaia and Baul are the standard popular types. Apart from this Sari Gaan, Gambhira and Jhumur are the other type of influential folk music in Bengal. All the folk songs are accompanied with instruments like Khol, Tablaa, Flute, Dotara, Ektaara that make the songs complete.

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