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Do you know about the new courses iLEAD Kolkata is offering in the year 2019

iLEAD, Institute of Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Development at Kolkata is one of the most advance institutes of Eastern India with a range of modern and updated course modules. With seminars and workshops by industry experts, international guest lecturers and practical exposure in every field of respective subjects, 16+ collaborations with reputed international universities, the college has delivered skilled professionals to the industries over the last few years. Take a look at the courses that iLEAD is offering in 2019.   Fashion Designing– iLEAD is offering a degree course of B.Sc in Fashion Designing and Management and an M.Sc in Fashion Management under Maulana Abul Kalam Azad University of Technology (MAKAUT) in association with ESEDS, which is rated among the top 58 design schools in the world. It is regarded as India’s first sustainable design institute. The course is designed as per international standards and has collaborations with multiple foreign universities including the Arts University, Bournemouth and University for the Creative Arts, UK. Sustainability being at the focus of the course, it is a unique approach to build and prepare responsible fashion designers for the future world. The course also gives opportunities to students to enroll for a 2 week course in London. With guest faculties and workshops from leading UK universities and industry experts, ESEDS iLEAD is gradually turning out to be one of the leading fashion designing colleges in eastern India.   Culinary Science– The B.Sc in Culinary Science degree program at iLEAD under MAKAUT is another industry oriented course.At the college, special master classes of Culinary Science are conducted by nationally renowned chefs. The innovative flipped classroom teaching help the students grasp the science of the culinary art. The college also provides a massive networking opportunity to the students with the culinary industry for future prospects.   Data Analytics and Data Science– iLEAD is offering B.Sc in Data Analytics and M.Sc in Data Science. The courses are affiliated under MAKAUT and are conducted jointly with analytics company, Einfach Business Analytics. The program is designed by industry professionals and are also conducted by industry experts. The college promises the students ample opportunities to work on industry problems and projects. They will also get an opportunity to work on live projects with the companies in their last semester.   Interior Design– iLEAD along with ESEDS School of Design conducts the undergraduate program of B.Sc in Interior Design. The course is affiliated under Maulana Abul Kalam Azad University (MAKAUT) and is in complete alignment with international standards. The course also may allow students to go for a 2 week course to United Kingdom during the tenure of their degree program. ESEDS iLEAD’s Interior Design program has partner universities in UK and also focuses on sustainability.   Gaming and Mobile Application– The undergraduate program in Gaming and Mobile Application at iLEAD is in association with the gaming company Virtualinfocom. The course is affiliated under MAKAUT and is designed as per current industry standards. A completely industry oriented course, the degree program will help students learn the latest technology and languages to develop the most advanced mobile apps and games.   Human Computing and Artificial Intelligence– The post graduate degree program in Human Computing and Artificial Intelligence in association with Einfach Business Analytics will allow the students to explore the popular analytics tools and techniques. They will also get to learn multiple programming languages along with robotics and machine learning. The course will give students opportunities to work on industry problems and projects. They will also get to work on live projects with the companies in the last semester.   Media Science– iLEAD also conducts an undergraduate and a post graduate degree program in Media Science. The B.Sc in Media Science and M.Sc in Media Science are comprehensive courses for the students who have aspirations to make a career out of the various fields in media. Rated as the 4th Best Media School in India by KPMG, iLEAD has state of the art infrastructure and high-tech studios and labs for the students to work on audio visual projects. So far, the course has successfully placed students in top media companies of India.   Film and Television Production– B.Sc programs in Film and Television Production and M.Sc programs in Film and Television Production are conducted in iLEAD. After the success of Media Science course, Film and TV Production was essentially a gradual progression for the institute. The course aims at creating method filmmakers. It consists of 7 practical projects based on socially impactful subjects. With real time projects, tie-ups with several studios, guerrilla filmmaking opportunities, in-campus certificates and guild cards, this is regarded as the first one of a kind film institute under the affiliation of the state university of MAKAUT.   Multimedia, Animation and Graphics– B.Sc in Multimedia, Animation and Graphics at iLEAD is conducted in associated with Hi-Tech Animation, one of the leading animation production houses in Eastern India. The course consists of graphic designing, web designing and animation. From Dreamweaver to 3D technology, the degree program makes students explore all the latest technology as per industry standards. With 100% placement assistance, iLEAD has the capacity to enroll 240 students into the course per academic year.   BBA, BBA in Real Estate Management and Entrepreneurship– iLEAD also has undergraduate management programs for students aspiring to join the management profession. Along with the regular BBA program in which students can take either of the regular specializations of Finance, HR or Marketing, iLEAD also offers two more management courses with Real Estate Management and Entrepreneurship as majors. Both the Real Estate Management and Entrepreneurship courses are uniquely designed to prepare students for the future real estate industry and as entrepreneurs respectively. PS Group, one of the real estate giants being the major promoter of iLEAD, also is a huge plus point for the students of 'BBA in Real Estate' and 'BBA in Entrepreneurship'. With such an enthralling list of new age courses, iLEAD is now one of the most thriving educational institutes in Eastern India. Their courses are designed as per new age industries and latest technology, bringing the combination of both on the same platter for the new generation learners. If you are one of those aspirants who wants to make it big in the world out there, make sure you check the courses at iLEAD once.

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