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Benefits of Green Rooftop at iLEAD

One of the best and favourite spots for students in the iLEAD campus is the rooftop. The plush green rooftop of the campus is a place for rejuvenation for many. It’s a site to chat, hangout, have lunch and also come up with creative thoughts for many in the institute. iLEAD’s rooftopGreen roof in real or even artificial greenery helps your mind relax and give you the feel of sitting amidst the green. Artificial green roof tops are easy to maintain and at the same time puts less weight on your roof.   Sakshi Jain, one of the students of BMS first year said, “Our college has the kind of rooftop that I bet isn’t there in any college in Kolkata. The place is an absolute delight for us. I do write scripts for short films for various college projects and our college’s rooftop is the ideal place for me to think and write. The peaceful greenery around makes me think in a more creative way.” Tania Mukherjee, a BBA student also has similar opinion. She says, “iLEAD’s rooftop kind of makes me dream about setting up a similar green rooftop at home. We do have a rooftop and there’s a lot of empty space on our roof. I am thinking of utilizing the same for a garden”.   Vikas Sethi, a Real Estate Management student also spoke about the need of green rooftop. He said, “In urban environment, it is at times difficult to set up a real green rooftop, especially with students around as we really aren’t that careful about our environment or surroundings. But artificial grass or turf makes it easier. It fulfills the need of a green environment, provides basic insulation and also is able to sustain the rough treatment we subject it to”.   Cricket, basketball ground at iLEAD sports complex iLEAD sports complex is also another green site for the students. It not only is a place for hangout but also serves as a recreation and sports activity area. Cricket, football or basketball – It’s a home ground for the sports enthusiasts.   football ground at iLEAD sports complex Sujit Roy, a management student went on to say, “Sports complex is the area of play and fun for us. Especially during the winters, we make sure we take our sporty avatars to score a round of goals while playing football there.”   If you are one of those who is wondering about the benefits of an artificial green rooftop, then here’s our small guide for you –   1. It creates a green abode for you that come in handy. There’s no pressure of maintenance but at the same time you get an amazing place to relax and rejuvenate amidst the green. It acts as a getaway from the urban environment even if it is synthetic.   2. Artificial turf is a great insulation tool for a roof during summers. The turf doesn’t let the scorching sunlight touch the roof directly and somehow helps to keep the interiors cooler than usual. During the winters, the turf prevents the heat from escaping its surface. So, the turf is beneficial during both summer and winter months.   3. It is extremely durable, easy to use and lasts for a long time. You don’t need to worry about its longevity or green colour for a long amount of time.   iLEAD’s rooftop iLEAD’s rooftop is surrounded by a café, a book library and a fashion designing studio. The aim was to deliver people with an environment wherein they will be able to revitalize their spirit, energy and enthusiasm.   It’s a green and creative abode for the students that has witnessed the generation of excellent creative ideas from the young minds in all these years.

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