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Ace That GD

Take any top notch institute, a reality show or a contest. Nowadays, more often than not Group Discussions are used as one of the primary modes of judging the personality or communication skills of interviewee. Not only does it test the situational skills of the participant but also how he or she puts across his/her point to the group. It allows an employer to understand the leadership capabilities of a student and the ability to work in a team. This is one of the most efficient screening methods used by the companies and the management institutes.

The sessions usually have 8 to 10 people who are given a topic on which they have to speak for a minute to 5 minutes and give opinions without hurting anyone’s feelings or sentiments. The topic can be literally anything under the sun ranging from current to abstract topics. The most important thing that we often miss out is it is not a debate but a discussion session.

Important Things to Remember for a GD:
  •    In a GD (Group Discussion) just like speaking, listening too is an important skill.
          One must let others speak and not interrupt while they are speaking.
  •    It is also important to stick to the topic and not simply hover round the topic.
  •    Discuss the subject that has been given for discussion. You need not come up
           with exact figures if you are not that confident.
  •    Formal dressing always has an upper hand over casual fashion in such situations.
  •    The topic on which you are speaking should be factual.

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