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9th Academic Meet 2018

The 9th Inter-University Engineering, Science & Technology Academic Meet organized by Forum of Scientists, Engineers and Technologists (FOSET) in association with Indian Society for Technical Education, West Bengal Chapter was held at Government College of Engineering & Textile Technology, Serampore on 25-March-2018.

opening-ceremonyThe Inaugural Ceremony was held at the Lecture Theater in the presence of Prof. (Dr.) Sudipta Mahish, Officer in Charge, Government College of Engineering & Textile Technology - Serampore; Prof. Jaya Sil, Chairperson - Academic Meet 2018 and Professor - Department of Computer Science and Technology, Indian Institute of Engineering Science and Technology, Shibpur; Mr. Nilanjan Sengupta, Director Technical - The Institution of Engineers (India), Prof. Nil Ratan Bandyopadhyay, Professor and Director - School of Materials Science and Engineering, Indian Institute of Engineering Science and Technology, Shibpur and MAKAUT Vice Chancellor, Prof Saikat Maitra as the Chief Guest.

The Academic Meet registration began from 9:00 a.m. and the Inaugural Ceremony started at 10:30 a.m.

The Academic Meet involved active participation from 200 delegates, both Students and Researchers from all over West Bengal, presenting their research papers in diverse subjects like Electrical and Instrumental Engineering; Electronics & Communication Engineering; Jute, Textile & Fiber Technology; Chemical & Pharmaceutical Engineering; Computer Science and Information Technology; Agricultural, Biotechnology & Food Technology; Journalism, Mass Communication & Media Science; Micro Biology, Food & Nutrition; and Innovative Technology and Innovative Model Competition.

The Chief Guest spoke about how fusion of science and technology is important for our researchers. The identification of the problem is done, just the problem solving is left. He spoke of how the infinite spirit exists among the young students but unfortunately there are not many solutions to such problems.

He also discussed artificial intelligence and internet of things, along with driverless vehicles for future. The case studies of unknown successful entrepreneurs should be discussed. The projects should have a purpose and benefit the society as a whole.

Acquire global, apply local.

One of the speakers, discussed about Online Courses, pointing out how upgrading oneself with time has been a mandate to survive in these changing times. This upgradation will lead to an upgrade in the society as well.

Play well, Sleep Well, Eat Well. If you get time after this, Study Well”- remarked another speaker from IIT Kharagpur. He also discussed hydropolis and agricultural development with few examples.

The model which caught all eyes was a Helmet which was required to start a 2 wheeler. The idea was innovative and solved a problem!

The Journalism, Mass Communication & Media Science department also saw active participation from students and researchers. The students were from iLEAD’s Media Science department and Serampore College.

The researchers presented diverse papers like Mainstream Cinema & Stereotypes, Colours of Rajasthan and how it impacted tourism, Journalistic Ethics, Paytm - moving towards a digital India, New media and its Impact on TV and Portrayal of Women: Content Analysis of Automobile Advertisements in Journalism, Mass Communication and Media Science.

The judges were Prof. Suman Bandhopadhyaya - Amity University, Kolkata Campus and Prof. Saikat Majumdar, NSHM - Kolkata.

With an extremely tough competition among the papers presented, the winners for the Journalism, Mass Communication and Media Science were declared in the valedictory session.

Awarded Student of iLEADAvantika Gupta, M.Sc. 4th Semester student from iLEAD, Kolkata has been awarded the first prize for her paper “Portrayal of Women: Content Analysis of Automobile Advertisements”


All Winners


Survi Agarwal, Ankita Ghosh, M. Sc. 2nd, and Arijit Paul, B. Sc. 2nd students from iLEAD, Kolkata were the runners up for their paper “Mainstream Cinema & Stereotypes”.

Om RestaurantThe students had a great experience at Serampore and all thanked their mentors, Professors Sumanta Bhattacharya and Archan Mitra for this opportunity. The students enjoyed a delicious lunch at Om Restaurant, Serampore.

The students look forward to take their research to the next level and proceed with their findings for further research.

-- Article written by Avantika Gupta | Media Science Student of iLEAD

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