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7 Tips to Prepare Better for an Interview

To prepare better for your job interview, here are some tips that may help you. Let’s make interviews easy.   Research about the Organization – It’s always good to research about the organization you are going to beforehand. You must visit their website and fill yourself up with the details of the organization regarding their business, products, services and customers. If you appear absolutely blank about the organization or brand during the course of the interview, it may create a negative image of yours in front of the interviewer.   Match Your Skills with Their Requirements – If you are going for a walk-in-interview or have been shortlisted for the same, make sure you match your qualification and skills with the requirement of the organization. Re-check your skills and preferences with their needs before going to the interview.   Practice Your Answers for Probable Questions – There are some questions that are always asked in almost every interview. ‘Tell us about yourself’, ‘Why do you think you are fit for this job’, ‘what are your hobbies’, ‘why do you want to do this job’, ‘what are your strengths and weaknesses’ - Are some of the examples of the regular questions. It’s always better to practice the answers of these probable questions. As the questions are all about you only, it is expected that the answers will come promptly and instantly from you.   Be Truthful. Do Not Pretend – Pretending to know something that you don’t know is a big no during an interview. There might be questions or facts coming your way that you might not be aware of. Under such circumstances accept your lack of knowledge but do not pretend to know about it. In case you are asked a follow up questions about the same topic, your pretention may backfire towards you.   Dress Well – Select the dress you want to wear on the day of the interview in advance. It helps you to avoid last minute rushes. Moreover, do not wear too much of casual clothes on that day. Formals are always in trend for job interviews.   Be On Time – Being punctual says a lot about your personality and professionalism. A late comer in an interview can come across as a laid back individual who will be late for work too. So it’s better to arrive on time or may be a little early to the venue of the interview. If possible, check the route and traffic conditions to the place a day before to avoid being delayed.   Greet Your Interviewer – Always greet your interviewer with ‘good morning’, ‘good afternoon’ or ‘good evening’ with a friendly smile. These gestures set the interview’s mood in a positive way. Awkwardness, uneasiness and clumsy attitude may put off the interviewer in the beginning only.   **Additional Tips – 1. Please carry a hard copy of your certificates and resume to the interview. Do not show them your phone when documents are demanded from you. 2. In the follow up process post the interview, you might be asked for credible references. Be prepared with at least two references to avoid any delay. 3. Try not to fumble or tremble during an interview. Stay confident. 4. Read everything you have written in your resume and make sure you know all the points furnished there. Do not write about being an expert in a skill without knowledge just to fill up space.

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