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6 Effective Tips for Exam Preparation

Studying for 20 hours a day to score great marks in exams is a myth of yesterday. You can be smarter and choose to ‘study well while studying less’ i.e. study enough consuming less time.   Organize yourself properly and prepare before examination systematically. The result will be an excellent preparation for upcoming exams.   Here are 6 quick tips that may help you to do better in exams – 1. Set Up A Time Table As per your exam schedule, set up a time table for yourself a few weeks prior to the exams. Study as per that time table to avoid any last minute rush. There might be some subjects that are easy or difficult for you. Allocate more time to the subjects that appear difficult and less to those that are easy for you.   2. Be Organized Make sure your routine is organized. Wake up on time. Keep your books and study materials on place. Your study table should be neat and in order. Get rid of all possible distractions while sitting to study. Make sure your phone is out of your reach to avoid any interruption.   3. Revise As Per Important Points While studying for the first time, make sure you mark the important points or write them down in a notebook. Instead of struggling while trying to mug up big paragraphs, it will be easier to remember if the same is studied by marking or chalking down important points. This helps while revising the lesson later as well.   4. Use More Diagrams and Charts Take help of more diagrams and charts to understand the concept of a lesson. If possible, try to write your answers using more diagrams and charts instead of writing page after page. This makes it easier to remember as well as fetches you more marks in exams.   5. Discuss With Others Try to discuss what you have learnt with your family or friends. After studying the lesson, if you explain the same verbally to any of them, it will help you in two ways – a. You will memorize the lesson better b. You will understand the topic better.   6. Sleep Well Make sure you sleep well before the day of your exam. Avoid staying up late for studying. A fresh mind in the morning energizes you better for the paper ahead. If you are sleep deprived, you will not be able to write your exam properly.   Additional Tips • Drink a lot of water to keep yourself hydrated. • Avoid having junk food and eat healthy during exams. • Take a few minutes break while studying for long hours to keep your brain active. • If one of your exams do not go well, do not stress yourself about the same and do not start evaluating your answers. Stop thinking about it and prepare for the next exam to avoid affecting the other papers. • You may practice the questions papers of the old exams. It will help you boost your confidence before you appear for the final test.

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