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5 Sustainable Tips for Interior Designing

What do you mean by creating sustainable interior design? Sustainable interior designing in general puts emphasis on minimizing negative impacts and maximizing positive impacts on environment and people aiming towards improving the quality of life around.   LEED or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, one of the most widely accepted green rating system in the world, considers 6 parameters in evaluating sustainability – • Efficiency in Energy • Water Efficiency • Indoor Quality of Air • Innovation and design process • Material selection • Sustainable site development When these parameters are closely measured, it is quite obvious that it is the design that plays a vital role in achieving sustainable interior goals. Here are some essential tips for sustainable interior designing –   Eco-Friendly Materials – It is projected that the market for green materials will reach $80 billion in the next few years. With increasing demand for eco-friendly products, more affordable green products are now available in the market. For example using eco-paint of clay and starch or a cork flooring or bio-glass can be ideal selections for a sustainable home. Indoor pollution presentlyis regarded as one of the most dangerous toxins. A designer should search for materials that would release the least amount of VOC (volatile organic compounds) or any other pollutants.   The Art of Re-Use – If you have old, ragged or a little outdated furniture in the house that you want to get rid of then why dump them? One can always reuse them by putting a new coat of paint or modernize it with a different fabric. Recycling and reusing are the new art of living.   Save Energy – Light and heat are the crucial factors to keep in mind while planning for an energy efficient designing. Selection of curtains, carpets and drapes help in insulation. It is said that a carpet alone absorbs 10% of a room’s heat. Also the electrical appliances in a house are to be chosen carefully keeping their energy efficiency quality in mind.   Save Water – Save water is another mission that should top the priority list of every interior designer. Water conservation can become a way of life through an effective design. Rainwater storage, water-use feedback system, no-leak tap systems help occupants of a house in saving at least 50% of their total daily water consumption.   Go Green – Creating a small garden in the front area of the house or in the balcony would complete the sustainable features of a home. A private space with little bit of green patches or even a vertical garden in the veranda or near the stairs will elevate the look of the interiors and add up a positive and calm energy to the environment.   It is essentially required for an aspiring interior designer to understand the importance of sustainability in design in the present era. Aiming to create a new budding force of interior designers, iLEAD and ESEDS School of Design has come up with a completely sustainable interior design course.   Speaking of the same, Neil Robinson, Managing Director and Co-Founder of ESEDS of School of Design said, “Not only do we offer practical, industry based skills preparing students for industry but also that they integrate 21st century thinking in terms of sustainability and ethics – Two key careers that designers need to be worried for the future in terms of the consequence of design with a move of the industry away from detrimental design aspects”.     The undergraduate degree course has international collaborations with University for the Creative Arts (UK) and Arts University, Bournemouth (UK) and prospects of a 2 weeks design course in UK with partner University of Creative Arts.   Designers are the creators of the most fascinating and healthy spaces that we live in or are going to live in future. If you too want to create a space with a difference and contribute to the sustainable needs of future homes, join our course of B.Sc in Interior Design now.

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