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5 Reasons to Choose Gaming and Mobile Application Course In 2019

2018 witnessed a huge surge in the online gaming market in India. Almost 5 billion game applications were downloaded and the total number of gamers grew at 52% in 2018. Increasing demand in mobile gaming gave rise to launch of dedicated gaming smartphones in the country. The gaming and mobile application industry is currently one of the most excelling industry providing opportunities to the youth for lucrative career options in the field.   Here are 5 reasons to choose gaming and mobile app development courses in 2019 – 1. The Future Big Industry– India currently is one of the top 5 markets globally for mobile gaming. The growth of the gaming industry is resulting in overseas gaming companies growing their presence in India. Casual Gaming and Real Gaming grew 40% and 82% to reach INR 22 billion and 26 billion respectively. The sector has potential to grow at 35% CAGR and reach INR 120 billion by 2021. 2019 is all set to witness the emergence of a large number of national gaming brands. 2. Satisfy Your Creativity– Game Designing or Game Art phases of Game Development perfectly can satisfy your creativity. From storytelling, setting the color balance, deciding the tone to creating the assets – Every aspect of Game Development is roughly an interface where creativity meets technology. 3. The Job Prospects– The game development process can be roughly divided into 4 phases- a. Game Programming or Coding b. Game Designing c. Game Art d. Game Testing Consisting of these 4 phases, as per your interest or preference, you can choose to become any of the following – • Game Programmer • Game Designer • 3D Effects Artist • Game/Script Writers • Audio/Sound Engineers • Quality Assurance Tester • App/Software Developer • Audio/Sound Engineers • Network Programmer and more. 4. The Remuneration– The remuneration in the industry is also lucrative for fresher or entry level professionals. It is definitely more than major entry level engineering or management jobs. As per present market trends, a fresher game programmer or designer earns approximately Rs 4, 00,000 per annum whereas entry level artists and testers earn approximately Rs 3, 00,000. 5. Job Security– As per FICCI report, “Fantasy Sports can cross 100 million players within 2 years” and also “Multi – Player gaming will continue to grow significantly”. As China has already reached a saturation point in the sector, India is projected as the new key leader in the market. A FICCI Projection says that, “India can become the AR/VR and casual game development factory of the world”. Global players like ESL from Germany, Tencent from China and NVIDIA from USA are aiming at million dollar investments in India’s gaming industry. All these prove that the sector in the coming years is going to flourish with stable growth rate and that will ensure a steady job security and growth to the professionals of the sector as well. All these and several other reasons are now inducing an emergence of several game development colleges in India. Keeping the current and future trends in mind, iLEAD, has started off an undergraduate course in B.Sc in Gaming and Mobile Application Development in association with Virtual Infocom, a pioneer company in game development and animation. The industry oriented course is an up to date amalgamation of AI, Robotics and Mobile Application. So if you are one of those gamers who has remained fascinated by games like PUBG, Infinity OPS, Shadowgun Legends, Candy Crush or Resident Eviland has aspiration to become a game developer, join in one of the mobile app development courses now.

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