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Saheli Goswami

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10 Quick Tips for Sustainable Living

Sustainable living isn’t a difficult deed if you follow the simple formula of 2R, 1B and 1C.

2R consists of Reusing and Recycling our product consumption. 1B refers to Buying eco-friendly products and services. 1C is Conserving the non-renewable resources like power, energy and water.


If we simply keep this formula in mind, sustainable living will easily become our way of life. Here are 10 quick tips for sustainable living that you may adapt to as well.


1. Always carry water bottles, a jute bag or reusable mugs with yourself. That will reduce your consumption of plastic water bottles, plastic bags or paper cups at times when you go for impulsive purchase of products.


2. Carry containers from home to takeaways or restaurants. Avoid buying food in plastic containers as much as possible.


3. Try having ice creams in clay cups rather than plastic cups or simply choose to have cones. In either case, the taste will remain same.


In short, avoid using plastic because that’s hazardous for environment. And avoid using paper as that will save the trees.


4. Use electricity as per need. Don’t keep the lights and fans on while leaving a room. Keep your desktop on ‘sleep’ mode while stepping aside. If possible, replace your old lights with LEDs or energy efficient lights for saving power.


5. The Government of India is encouraging the citizens to conserve rainwater. By doing so we can use the excess water for cleaning terrace, balcony, floor and even for watering plants in our gardens.


6. Also save water in other ways. Don’t keep the tap open. If it’s loose, take steps to tighten it. If possible, wash clothes once or twice a week instead of regular washing. If you have an automatic pump installed at home to fill your tanks, make sure you switch it off before your tanks overflow.


7. Do not burn your wastes. That causes air pollution. Separate the dry wastes from the wet ones and let the waste collector or sanitation worker appointed in your building or area take them away.


8. Dispose less and reuse more. Buy products that can be used multiple times instead of using just once before disposing. We must work more towards reducing our wastes.


9. ‘Fuel Efficient Driving’ is the new need of the hour. Try not to drive above 60 km/hour. This measure saves petrol. As per reports published by the Petroleum Conservation Research Association under the Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas, Government of India, you may get 40% extra mileage by driving within the speed limit of 55 km/hour.


10. If you are going to any nearby place, walk or cycle to reach the place instead of taking your bike or car out. It is also a healthy option for you.


In India, we generate almost 1, 00,000 metric tons of waste every day and we ranked 116th in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) list of 2017 out of 157 countries.


Do you know in Sweden 100% of household wastes get recycled? Wastes are even imported by Sweden for energy production. Singapore used their mountainous size garbage to create a man-made island which is regarded as the first ecological offshore landfill in the world.


**Australia, Germany, Wales, South Korea, Switzerland are among the countries that recycle and reuse more than 50% of their municipal’s solid waste. The question is, if they can why can’t we?

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