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About Real Estate Management

Today the majority of richest people throughout the world are from the Real Estate industry. If you are a dreamer who want to change the landscape of cities, towns and establish structures for the benefit of various communities, families and individuals then the Real Estate Industry is the soil where you should plant those dreams. Also, many of you might be the would be real estate managers, inheriting the management of the business from your fathers or seniors in the family but few of you are equipped with the knowledge to transform the business into a success or maintain the success streak of the already established business. Real Estate is one of those few industries that generate massive employment and revenue at the same time and it is also an opportunity to create great personal wealth.

With the housing boom spurred by the requirements of office space and residential apartments the meteoric growth in the Real Estate sector during the last few years has become more international in scope. India has the fastest growing economy of the world and 230 crore sq feet of housing and 50 crore square feet of retail would be required for the IT Sector alone in the next 4 years. According to KSA Techno over 1000 shopping malls in India would be needed to keep up with the growth in Retail sector. The construction boom in Housing, Townships, SEZs, Shopping and Entertainment Centres today has already started revolutionizing the Real Estate Industry.

Today, there is an acute shortage of trained real estate professionals and rarely do universities or colleges offer a course in Real Estate Management. The task of learning and developing the skills required to be successful in Real Estate is essential for one to learn its nuances and become an expert.

iLEAD`s Real Estate Management program is designed to teach you Real Estate Management through periods of market and industry change, examine land valuation and market demand, and manage projects across vendors, suppliers and capital sources. iLEAD has also entered into an agreement with the Colvin Institute of Real Estate Development at the University of Maryland, USA for exchange of curriculum, participants and faculty members.

Some of the profiles which one can opt from studying Real Estate Management range from Brokers, Planning and Development Surveyor, Estate Agent, Historic Buildings Conservation Officer, Housing Officer, Sustainability Consultant, Town Planner and much more.

Course Structure

Level – Beginners
  • Principle of Photography
  • Techniques of Photography Composition, Framing, and Angles
  • Brief introduction to Shutter Speed, Aperture and ISO
  • Lenses and their uses including Depth of Field
  • Using a DSLR Evaluation through projects and practice sessions
  • Art of Illumination (The Light)
  • Basics of Lighting Characteristics of Light Natural Light & Artificial Light Hard Light and Soft Light

Course Fees: Rs 4,999

Duration: 4 Months

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